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get 25 fashion credits
(valid for 6 months)
$ 35
Manage your credits as you like!

  • Body shape analysis 5 credits
  • Personalized board 4 credits
  • Exchange with your stylist following the reception of your board 2 credits
  • 30 minutes videoconference with your stylist 15 credits
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get 50 fashion credits
(valid for 1 year)
$ 60
Get the same options as starter plan

  • You get more credits!
  • A membership for a full year
  • You save $10 per year
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Best value
get 80 fashion credits
(valid for 1 year)
$ 80
Get the same options as starter plan

  • You get more credits!
  • A membership for a full year
  • Get your body shape analysis for free
  • We will reply to your request within 72 hours - Free
  • You save $32 per year
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With this plan, the lucky person will receiveā€¦
Body shape analysis
You will receive a guide that includes:
The main characteristics of your body shape
Your styling goals
The best options to enhance your body shape: necklines, pants, skirts, accessories, prints, cuts, colours and more!
Styling tips from our stylists just for you!
Personalized board
You will receive a board that includes:
A variety of clothes, shoes and/or accessories, handpicked just for you by one of our stylists
A selection that suits your budget and needs
Personal tips and notes from your stylist
Easy clickable items, all available in your size
Exchange with your stylist
Following receipt of your personalized board, you can:
Have an exclusive exchange with your stylist. For example, you could ask a question or mention some items you didn't like in your personalized board to get new propositions.
Includes 1 'back and forth' with your stylist
30 minute videoconference with your stylist
This is the opportunity to have a live video session with one of our stylists
Our stylist will take the time to answer all your questions and help you refine your wardrobe
Videoconferences are made via Skype (or equivalent)