Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Still not sure about something?
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How were the partners selected?

The partners were selected according to the type of merchandise they distribute and their availability in Canada. Our objective is to always promote the greatest diversity possible in terms of style, silhouette and budget. If you wish to become an MFMK partner, we invite you to contact us here.

Can my inspiration board include items from other brands than the existing MFMK partners?

It is not possible for MFMK to promote items other than those available from our partners. However, if your favourite brand is not available in our selection, please send us your suggestions here.

How long do I have to wait to receive my personalized board?

Our stylists carefully select every item on every board for the perfect fit. That’s why you can expect a 72 hours wait for your board to be ready.

Do I have to fill out the questionnaire every time I want to request a personalized board?

No. This questionnaire serves only to establish your user profile, and only needs to be filled out once. Afterwards, you may simply connect to MFMK to request personalized boards with our stylists. They will use your profile to better understand your needs every time they create boards for you.

Remember that you may edit your profile through the questionnaire at all times in the My Style section of your Dashboard.

What are your criteria for hiring MFMK stylists?

All of the stylists who work at MFMK are professionals with life experience and/or a formal education in fashion. If you wish to apply to become an MFMK stylist, we invite you to send us your application here.

Who is responsible for delivering my purchases?

The orders you place are through the websites of our partners. This means they are responsible for all orders, deliveries and follow-ups.

Can items bought online be returned or exchanged?

Each of our partners have a distinct exchange and refund policy. Please refer to the policies stated on their websites for more information.

What can I do if I am not satisfied with my personalized board?

Although we always do our best to suggest styles we think you will like, it is possible a stylist may have misidentified your specific needs. That’s why we created a rating system on every board. You can also click the “Request a New Board” button, right underneath, and another stylist will create another version of the same request.

Do I have to buy the items my stylist suggests?

There is no purchase obligation whatsoever! MFMK offers a styling service for all, and for free! You can use the recommendations simply for inspiration without purchasing anything.

I prefer to shop in store than online. Is that possible with MFMK?

The personalized boards are all available in a printable format. You can simply print it out and bring it to the store when you go shopping to try on the items suggested by our stylists. You can also view your board directly on your mobile device via our website.