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Without dressing like somebody else entirely or wearing things that are just not comfortable, it’s quite normal to want to look your absolute best! And the cut, the colour or the texture of your clothes can make all the difference. Here are our best hacks to flatter your figure, no matter what size you wear!



You wish to elongate your body and bring the attention to your face? V-necks are perfect for you. If your hips are larger than your bust, opt for a colourful or patterned top. If you have a large bust and narrow hips, prefer neutral colours like navy blue, grey or black.




We don’t pay much attention to our sleeve length, but we should! ¾ sleeves help to balance the figure while long sleeves tend to make you look shorter. Go for cropped sleeves or simply cuff your long sleeves and… see the difference for yourself!




Colour can trick the eye. Why not take advantage of this little magic trick? Yes, black absorbs light and make you look slimmer. However, you don’t have to wear it head to toe. Instead, use it wisely to make a certain area of your body looks slimmer and make sure to wear your favourite colours!



High waists can do wonders to make you feel sexy. They elongate the lower body, hold in the tummy, smooth the hip line and eliminate the risk of a muffin top! If you really want to highlight your waist, tuck in your shirt and add a slim belt. Oh, and low rise will be major this winter, so let's take advantage of our high waists before they disappear!




It’s no secret that heels can give you the added height you desire. They key to a pair of heels that won’t have you yelping in pain is a thick block heel or wedges. Wide heels guarantee more support for your delicate ankles. PS: A pointed toe is said to lengthen and slim the leg. Prefer it to round toe shoes!




They’re super comfy, easy to slip on and they don’t create pleats under your top. Pull-on pants also refine the silhouette and make you look firmer. We love it! Much more structured than leggings, they look good with any kind of top, even tunics!




Tunics are feminine, easy to wear, and they come in a variety of styles. Make sure you don’t go for one that’s too large or too long, because it can make you look smaller and wider. Wear it as is to soften your hips, or add a belt to highlight your waist.




Stop worrying about a visible panty line. You can achieve a sleek silhouette with seamless underwear that feels like a second skin. Seamless bras are also a must!




Fitted blazers are a quick and easy way to look chic, and you can wear them with absolutely everything! It’s a good option if you want to define your waist and look slimmer.




Whether at the shoulders, at the bottom of your skirt, or even on the front of a dress, the ruffles have the advantage of catching the eye and emphasizing the area where they are placed. Play the game and get pieces that will rock your figure while adding femininity and fun to your outfits!



Easy breezy! Try these hacks now, ladies!

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