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8:50 am, a very humid Friday of July, our small styling team arrives at Vanessa’s place in Rougemont. She welcomes us barefoot, with a broad smile and her long, loose hair flying in the wind. It is in this beautiful and peaceful place that the rest of the beauty and photography team gradually arrive to bring this long-awaited image series to life. Sometimes vintage, colourful or bohemian, these looks are inspired by Vanessa's natural beauty and her sparkling personality!

Discover affordable kits through her looks, and read the exclusive interview she granted us. Happy reading, happy shopping!

What do you think makes someone "stylish"?

For me, it's when someone has fun with clothes and uses fashion as a means of expression, without taking themselves too seriously.

How has your style evolved since you became a mom?

There is a lot less white in my wardrobe, because an applesauce stain can happen so quickly! Otherwise, I think I take inspiration from my daughter: the playfulness of children's clothes, the colors, the coziness. I'm really less trying to look like I know what I'm doing, to follow the trends. I allow myself to wear clothes that make me happy, like floral dresses that twirl when you spin.


Are you the type to style your daughter from head to toe, or are you more into comfort and practicality?

It would make me sad if my daughter had to sacrifice her comfort to look cute. At first, I chose clothes for her that matched my taste, but in the last few months, she's really asserted herself in her preferences and I've had to work on myself, because at first, I found it unbearable to see her go out in awfully matched outfits. I've had to accept that my daughter is not an extension of who I am, and let her be who she is, even if it means wearing a matching unicorn dress with tie-dye jogging pants!

Where do you find the inspiration behind your looks? Do you have a particular fashion icon?

I've always struggled with the idea of fashion icons. For me, fashion is so personal and unique. I would say that these days, my inspiration comes a lot from vintage images. I just love the vibes of 70s fashion pics and the carefree, free-spirited looks that comes from them.


How important is fashion in your life?

It's not as predominant as it used to be, but I will always be moved by beauty and have fun with fashion. I think it's mostly the aspect associated with overconsumption that kind of repulse me today. I'm more interested in sustainability than trends.

What is your earliest memory related to fashion and style?

I have had several love affairs with clothes. Looking back, I realize that the love I’ve had for my clothes was a bit excessive for a child. The first outfit I remember was a t-shirt and shorts with pictures of Passe-Partout on it, when I was 4 years old. My sister sprayed me with a gun that shot blue ink that disappeared after a few minutes. No matter how many times she told me it wasn't stained, I was inconsolable. I think that even when it was all gone, I continued to sob for a good hour.


What are your favorite Quebec fashion brands?

I would love to name so many! I would say that right now, I wear Rightful Owner pieces a lot when I'm working, and Vallier in my everyday life in the country.

What is your relationship with social media? How do you decide what is public and what is private?

I don't draw a precise line. I go by instinct, and it changes every day. I try to question my motives every time I publish, and to have a pure intention, if I can say that. But I also accept that it's a game you agree to play, to participate in. I don't take it too seriously.


Did you discover a new hobby during the pandemic? How did you spend your time?

At the beginning of the pandemic, I thought I'd make the most of it: I took like 6 online courses, on permaculture and on natural perfumery. Now that I think about it, I could have taken it a little easier and watched some TV shows.

What do you do to make yourself feel good when you feel for a bit of a self-care moment?

I go to the forest, I breathe, I go barefoot, I look at life, I dance, I stretch, I pet my dog. And if all that doesn't work, a little bit of cookie dough doesn't hurt.


What projects are you currently working on?

I'm writing a book, gardening, and trying to become a better human being. I also start shooting again in the fall!

What do we wish for you in the next few years?

To love more. Always.





Your must-have fashion accessory?

Turbans and headbands.

Your favorite designer?

I have a weakness for Isabel Marant and Jacquemus.

Minimalist or maximalist?

An oscillation between the two, but mostly maximalist. More is more!

Vintage or new?


Your oldest piece?

A vintage jumpsuit from Hawaii, which I've had since… I don't even know.

And the most recently purchased?

This is my first time doing this, but I bought matching dresses my daughter and I, from Supayana.

Your biggest fashion faux-pas?

There have been tons of them, but I prefer to call them fashion exploration moments! And if you want to see, just type my name on Google images and you will find enough to entertain you for a good hour!


Photographer: Kelly Jacob

Photo assistant: Emily Velasquez Gilbert

Photo retoucher: Geneviève Demers

MUA: Sophie Parrot

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