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Hello, it's me, Elise Lachance, founder and stylist of MFMK. I'm 35 years old, I have two kids, a husband and – soon! - a dog. I must admit that I've never introduced myself on MFMK’s platform. My own website, my business, my baby, that I have been developing for 5 years with passion and perseverance. I was rather busy putting the members of my fabulous team and our ultra-relevant fashion tips in the spotlight, and I had not deemed necessary to explain my own journey... until now! Some of you may know me from our conferences or because I'm their very own stylist, but I wanted to officially introduce myself to all of you! To do so, I asked our guest journalist, none other than the talented Elisabeth Massicolli, to prepare a few questions for me, which I answered candidly. Enjoy!


Psst: I couldn't help but add a few of my favorite looks of the summer through the text. I also tell you about the fun photo session I had with Mélany Bernier, the photographer behind these nice shots of me!

When was your earliest memory of style and fashion?

"The first one that comes to mind is the images from the PRADA Spring/Summer 1998 collection that lined my high school planner. I spent a fortune on color prints at my college library to collect them... that, and pictures of Leonardo Dicaprio!"

How would you describe your personal style?

"It really depends on my mood of the day. I can easily go to the grocery store in sequins and go out to dinner in a hoodie."


Do you have a signature piece or accessory?

"As a teenager, it was mostly t-shirts I found in the kid's section of the Value Village. Today, it's probably my shoulder bags! I hate having a purse in my hand."

Who are your style icons and why?

"I really like androgynous looks, so I find Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Harry Styles or Tilda Swinton very inspiring."

What made you want to make fashion your profession?

"My mother introduced me to the Fashion Marketing program at Lasalle College in my early teens. It was an instantaneous love affair and I have never questioned this choice. Now that I live it every day, I love being able to combine my creativity with helping people. Fashion is a headache for many, and I am happy to accompany them in their discoveries!"


What was your first foray into the world of styling as a pro?

"I first worked in a boutique as a fashion consultant during my studies, a great field experience! I then started my career in styling at Holt Renfrew when I was living in Calgary. With a great team, I worked on developing the styles for the mannequins and the design of the window displays. We made all the sets ourselves! It was an incredible learning experience... a Prada dress in one hand and a hammer in the other! My two greatest passions combined! When I returned to Quebec in 2009, I started dressing Quebec celebrities for magazines such as 7 jours, Clin d'œil and Cool! I did this for 5 years before embarking on the MFMK adventure. »

When did you get the idea for MFMK, and how did you bring it to life?

"MFMK was born in 2014, over coffee with friends, with the idea in mind of wanting to help as many people as possible with their style challenges. I wanted a hyper affordable service, and accessible fashion. I learned everything on the job, as they say, and I was lucky enough to have an investor who believed in my project from the beginning. Since the very beginning, I've been developing alliances with major fashion partners... for some, that represents years of hard work! »


What are the biggest challenges you have encountered during this project? And the biggest successes?

"Our main challenge is to make the concept of MFMK known. Since it is a unique service, many people have difficulty understanding what exactly we do. Do we work with real stylists? Is it really a personalized service? Are we really going to help clients with all their fashion challenges? The answer: yes, yes and yes! On the other hand, our greatest achievement is certainly helping thousands of women and men every year to define their style and tame their figure. With the enthusiastic response from our clients, I guess we're doing it right!"


What do you do when you need inspiration for your work?

"When I create oufits for my clients, I am most often struck by a color or texture. That's often where my inspiration comes from. Otherwise, like everyone else, I love getting inspiration from street style on Instagram."

What is THE style tip you'd like to give everyone?

"Showing off your figure doesn't always have to be the #1 criteria when choosing a look. Wear what makes you smile. I hate style rules and am happy when I can undo some of the preconceived notions!"


And what's the best advice you've received as a stylist-entrepreneur?

"Think outside the box. It's cliché, but it really speaks to me."

How do you see MFMK evolving in the next few years?

"My first goal is to continue to evolve our services, always with the goal of helping as many people as possible with their fashion challenges. Secondly, I want to expand our family of fashion partners to offer more diversity in both style and size. I'm dreaming a bit, but I would also love to see MFMK's services spread to other spheres, such as print media or TV! I believe that Quebecers have a lot of barriers to break in terms of silhouette and style and I sincerely believe that the MFMK team can make things happen for the better!"


Quick Questions

Your favorite designer?

"Prada - I am faithful!"

A fashion item that is essential to you?

"Yellow shoes go with EVERYTHING!"

A trend you hate?

"I'm team Victoria Beckham: I hate CROCS! »

The oldest piece in your wardrobe?

"A really too much PARASUCO jacket that I keep as a souvenir. I'm sure my daughter will wear it one day!"

Minimalist or maximalist?

"More and more minimalist. I'm trying hard! »

What do you like best about being your own boss?

"To decide! #bossy"

Your dream handbag?

"Note to my boyfriend: a Bottega Veneta crossbody."

If you could style any celebrity, who would it be?

"I don't have a specific person in mind, but I'm very inspired by Kate Winslet's grungy, assertive side these days. »

My last professional images were taken a little over 5 years ago, at the launch of MFMK. Since I change my hairstyle often, it was imperative to produce new ones, which look more like me! It was with great pleasure that I met up with Véronique Prudhomme, makeup artist and hairstylist, and Mélany Bernier, photographer, for this session! Véronique and I have shared more than a hundred photo sessions, she in makeup and I in styling. Many Quebec celebrities have had the chance to pass under her brushes. With her contagious laugh, she became a friend over time. I then met Mélany, 5 years ago, as the official photographer of the MFMK launch party. An evening of great emotions, of which she captured the beauty perfectly! It is with great happiness that I found her again on this project.

The photo session was a pure happiness. Véro made me the most beautiful face and Mélany knew how to highlight it beautifully. With them, we let ourselves be guided gently and hop, the magic happens! If you need professional photos or if you want to give yourself the gift of beautiful images of yourself, I recommend their services without a doubt. I invite you to discover their work and their packages here

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