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We can’t wait to go shopping for the perfect bathing suit. Yet, it’s often a dreaded moment for many women! We want to give you our best pro tips so that this experience is enjoyable. It seems like treating yourself with kindness, letting go and wanting to enjoy your summer are the magic ingredients to feel good wearing our swimsuit – and shopping for it, too. Think about it: the quest for the perfect bikini immediately becomes more enjoyable when you think of all the good times you’ll have rocking it, by the pool or at the beach. The heat, the laughing children, the beautiful tanned skin – and don’t forget the frozen margaritas!

That said, there is so much choice, bikini-wise, and we sometimes feel lost in front of such a vast offer. We have therefore grouped our favorite pieces according to the current trends or summer activities. Go to town!



For you, a nice summer day is an afternoon by the pool, playing with the children, having a quick lunch on the corner of a lounge chair and then diving right back in! To fully experience these moments, you need a swimsuit that is comfortable and that stays in place.




High-cut bikini bottoms are still popular this summer. We understand that not everyone is comfortable wearing them, but if you are on the daring side, here are our favourite cheeky pieces!




Like always, the most beautiful swimsuits rock bold prints and bright colours. Dare to try orange, pale blue or pink - they will go wonderfully with your new sun-kissed tan! _en



Close your eyes and imagine yourself lounging with a good book and a tall glass of iced water on your patio on a hot summer afternoon. Your swimsuit is elegant and the brim of your hat is wide. Dreams do come true!




Ropes will be everywhere this summer! Small details or all-in, that texture catches the eye where it’s placed, so choose carefully!




We love high waits for their style, but also for their much appreciated covering effect. If you don’t like to feel barely naked in front of people, you might feel more comfortable in one of those adorable pieces!




Did you know that Canada is full of pretty beaches? Explore them all over the country, with a versatile swimsuit underneath your pretty dress. A game of Frisbee, a swim in the fresh water or a quick relaxation under the sun? You’re ready for it.




After the bralettes, it’s time for balconettes to shine! Our breasts, small or large, will be very happy with the support offered by these pretty tops reminiscent of the traditional bra!




We spend soooo much time wearing sandals, during the summer, and we can bet that with home-working, your flip flops will become a daily must! Here are our favourites of the season.




Sweet for the eyes, these beach cover-ups are as beautiful as they are practical! Keep an eye out because some models can be worn by the pool, for a picnic in the park or even to do run some errands! That’s a win!




Protecting your eyes from the sun is essential. You might as well do it in style!



Still not sure which is the best choice for you? Put us to the test! Send us personalized board requests so our stylists can suggest the perfect bathing suit for you!

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