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Cumulating nearly a billion posts, the hashtag #mybeigelife is a must in both design and fashion. The colours of our much-loved latte can be found on the walls and in our wardrobe. Beige, brown, white, amber, these natural shades envelop us to create a soft and elegant look.

It may seem easy to match with an Instagram filters, but do you know how to wear this palette and make it interesting?

Our stylists have looked into in and offer you ten looks and tips for neutral, but never boring, outfits!



As you already know, adding texture to a look is always a great way to make it pop. Don't hesitate to mix and match unlikely duos, like linen and knit or satin and cotton. The contrasting textures will bring depth to your look.



With the ever-changing temperatures of spring, layering is always a good idea! It’s also a great way to give a lil’ boost to your neutral shade looks. Try it out!




Sometimes all it takes is some accessories to make a look more interesting! While respecting the colour scheme, the gold jewelry, the beige shoes and the snake handbag add refinement and style.




With the warm season in sight, stores are full of linen pieces! You’ll say: it wrinkles! Yeah, and so what? Our pros guarantee it: these natural and inescapable folds make that natural fabric so charming. The elegant crumples, as we like to call it!




The monochrome look is always chic and its beige version is no exception! We love this exceptionally elegant 2-piece set.




While black leather fits into the rock and sexy spirit, brown leather inspires softness and refinement. A nice texture to add to your neutral wardrobe.




In addition to beige, the #beigelife trend also includes brown, white and amber. Don’t hesitate to combine these shades for a polished and trendy look!




Adding patterns to #yourbeigelife? But of course! Especially when it comes to such beautiful pants! To honor the simplicity of the trend, simply combine your patterned items with one that is plain and of good quality. There you go.



The jumpsuit makes the look! Add a delicate sandal and a straw hat, and you’re ready for an afternoon in the park or a drink on a patio with friends. (We’re allowed to dream a little!)




Create visual cues and dynamism with graphic and bold patterns. Pair them with a staple piece like white jeans to rock the neutral style trend.


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