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Pants, skirts or dresses: the midi length cut will be everywhere this spring! Some women avoid it, fearing its bulky effect, but dare to try it! With the help of our stylists, you can make it work, no matter what your body looks like – and highlight your best assets. Go, girl!




To avoid looking short and stocky in your midi-length pieces, keep those pro-tips in mind:

- Go for a very high waist and pair it with a crop top or a tucked-in shirt to elongate your legs;

- Wear heels to look taller - it works even better with nude pumps;

- Opt for flowy or sheer fabrics to create an aerial, light feel.

- Don’t snob alterations! It can be necessary if the skirt or pant looks too long on you. (It should end halfway between the knee and ankle. Traditionally speaking a midi dress ends mid-calf, but you never really want it to end right there since it’s the thickest part of your leg.)






Wear a tight midi-length piece to perfectly suit your luscious silhouette and enhance your curves. On the other hand, fluid midi skirts or pants will have a slimming effect. It’s up to you! But always keep those pro-tips in mind:

- Opt for pleated fabrics to create nice vertical lines;

- Add a jacket to balance and structure your silhouette. It’s also super cute with a pencil skirt;

- When in doubt, always choose a lighter colour for your top to brighten up your complexion;

- Try midi length, slightly loose pants to balance your silhouette. Ultra-stylish!






If you’re in the taller lady category, the midi length can totally sublimate your slender silhouette! We have a few tips to make the most of the midi skirt trend. Keep those pro-tips in mind:

- Wear midi skirts with sneakers for a trendy, stylish look;

- Dare to wear bold, big patterns to lighten up your outfit.;

- Highlight your long legs with fitted cuts.




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