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Whether you have small our large breasts, they probably give rise to many questions when it comes to shopping. To help you choose the right bra, the perfect clothes for the office or you super stylish summer outfit, our stylists come to your rescue with personalized advice and clothes that are suited for your bust.




Let’s start with basics: bras…! Adhesive bras, strapless, balconettes, triangles, push-ups, bralettes, you can wear it all (or nothing)! Depending on your mood, you can switch from a backless t-shirt to a plunging neck! Enjoy it!

Ps: Make sure you choose the right bra size. Since support is not your number one priority, you might be tempted to buy the fist super cute bra you see. However, studies reveal that 60% of women wear the wrong bra size. Here are a few things to look at when trying on a bra:

* Is the bra too tight around the body? You should be able to slide one finger under the band.

* Are the straps at the right length? The straps should be adjusted to support comfortably without pressure or cutting into the skin.

* Does the back band stay put? If it looks like an inverted ''U'', it indicates that the band is too large.

* Does the centre panel of the bra lie flat against the breastbone? Otherwise, the cups may be too small.




We often hear about V-necks for large breasts, but they’re also perfect for small breasts. We like to buy our V-neck one or two sizes bigger, so it falls beautifully. If you want to stand out for a special occasion, a slim dress with a plunging neck will turn heads!




Whether you have small or large breasts, the blouse is a basic you can’t go without. In your case, you can fasten it all the way up, without fearing your buttons will pop, or, if you prefer, you can undo the first ones. We even like to wear it slightly opened to show a bit of a delicate laced bra. Opaque or more transparent, once again, it’s up to you! We like to choose it in a light shade that will certainly look good on you!




Without hesitation, open back clothing is a season’s must! Those with small boobs can wander about without support or go for those adhesive bras, which are awesome if you like to wear bodycon tops. Dare it!






Bras hold an important place in the life of busty women, because they make getting dressed in the morning significantly easier, as long as your bra fits right. You’ve probably heard all the basic tricks for choosing a bra: it should have large straps, a cup that covers the entire boob to avoid spilling on top, and underwires. When you try it on, it should fit comfortably when fastened at the tightest hook.

Some women love padded bras, while others swear by thin lace cups, so see which kind works for you. Sport bras are gym essentials, but can also be used under a dress or a complicated top for a smoother fit.



V-necks are definitely flattering for a voluptuous chest because they open up the face and elongate the neck. Take this tip as a starting point for shopping, not as a rule to be respected at all costs. If your bra is doing a good job supporting you, any neckline should be okay!




Shirts are essential, but it might be harder for you to find ‘’the one’’ than it is for your smaller breasted friends. You’ve probably experienced trying to close your buttons unsuccessfully. Two solutions for you! First, favour loose cuts and flowing fabrics. In addition of being trendy, these cuts will be much less fitted to the chest!


The second, inexpensive solution is to add a seam or press stud to the yawn of the buttonhole. Talk to your tailor, he will surely have some good ideas for you!



Clothes inspired by the 50s and 60s, with high waists, ample skirts and fitted tops, are designed to suit curves. Why not take it as an inspiration? Enhance your bust with pretty wrap tops or crossover dresses. A must! Even after all these years, our partners are still crazy about these and so are we!



Breasts are an intimate part that’s not always easy to deal with. We hope that our suggestions will guide you to acceptation and liberty. After all, fashion is meant to make you feel pretty and to have fun!

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