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Our stylists fell for her half-androgynous, half-sexy looks! Leonie (Leo for friends) is an exceptional woman, with a thriving career, two beautiful children and a signature bold look – and she owns it!

Leonie is passionate about her job. In 2019, she founded Oui L’Agence, a communication agency working mainly with small local businesses! What’s fun is that we have access to her exciting entrepreneur-mom life through her Instagram - and we just love watching her shopping spree stories!

Last week on her IG, Leonie said that she receives a lot of questions about her style every day. So we quickly reached out to her, for a fun fashion interview about her style in order to inspire her community as much as ours!



1. How would your mother describe your style in 3 words?

Minimalist, versatile, edgy.


2. What is your signature outfit?

Nothing beats my loose white t-shirt, my black Levi’s jeans and a pair of vans or converse.



3. What is your favorite Quebec brand or designer?

I really like Maguire for their awesome shoes! Eve Gravel also does wonderful things.


4. Do you prepare your outfits in the evening or in the morning?

In the morning. Unless I have something important planned! But I like to start my day by just opening my wardrobe and go with the flow.



5. If you had to completely change your style with the one of another person, who would it be?



6. Which new trend are you most looking forward to wearing this spring?

Anything colourful! I'm very black and white in general, but there is always something special about spring that makes me want to wear bright colours.



7. When you were a teenager, who was your fashion icon?

At 12, it was Avril Lavigne hahaha. I was very boyish.


8. What’s an item that you’ll never wear?

There’s none! I like to experiment and try to pull off different pieces. I love to style them in my own way.



9. If we give you $ 500 to spend, do you buy a bunch of pieces or just a fancy one?

One luxurious piece! I’m trying to buy less, but by better, these days. Buying beautiful, more expensive, but timeless and quality pieces that will last over time is always a good idea.


10. What’s an item that you love in your wardrobe but have not yet dared to wear?

A vintage sleeveless leather jacket. I will have to wear it soon, before it’s out of fashion! 





To follow Léonie and her agency it's here:



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