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A stylist’s work is not always about trends, or even fashion! Most of the time, we’re faced with challenges regarding body insecurities, preconceived ideas or fear of change. We must work alongside our clients to try to get to know them – and to get them to know themselves! That’s how you define your style. And then you work your way up to the real, fashionable you!

If you’ve known us for a while, you probably noticed that we’re against rules – call us fashion rebels! We have fun destroying alleged fashion faux pas and missteps, redefining perceptions and… burning Spanx and shapewear!

We wanted to share our profesh’ thoughts on the matter, to help you reflect on your own style, and on your perception of yourself. Let’s get to work!




The infamous fashion faux pas!

"Do not wear black with navy!" On the contrary, if the textures are contrasting, it’s très chic.

“Horizontal stripes have a widening effect!” And? Who cares! If you like it, wear it. Just add a nice structured jacket over it and call it a day.

"Green makes me look sick!" There are hundreds of shades of green, let's bet there is one just for you.

"Cropped tops? I’m way too old! » Opt for a fluid piece and pair it with high-waist pants. Your stomach will be comfortably tucked and camouflaged, and your look will be on point.

Don’t sweat it: rules are made to be broken. And we can’t help but think that some of them are quite funny. Don’t bother, just have fun! That’s what fashion is all about.



Fashion “rules” are antiquated! Dare to break the mold, to combine styles, cuts, colours and textures – no matter your silhouette type. Create your own fashion identity to reflect your personality or your mood of the day. We’re in 2021, ya’ll!




We ALL have body insecurities. We’re only human, after all. Flat chest, soft belly, strong shoulders, long feet… you name it, we’ve heard them all! But what if we decided to see those features not as flaws, but as what makes us unique?



We say if all the time during our conferences: you’re the boss! You’re allowed to choose clothing that makes you feel and look your best, no matter your body type. Play with proportions, colours, cuts. Opt for tighter or looser garments. Bet on the body parts you love the most, and highlight them with eye-catching details. You do you, boo!




Normal bodies rarely fit the “norm” we see on heavily filtered Instagram posts. So let’s… unfollow! There are many fashionistas out there, with style, class and… lots of different body types. Let yourself be inspired. It’s time for a lil’ social media spring clean-up, amirite?



Social media brings its share of negativity, but it’s also a tool that can be put to good use. First, unfollow everybody that makes you feel like you’re not enough. It’s YOUR space. Then, do your research! There is a variety of body positivity and body diversity content, that you can get to with the right hashtags, like #shortgirlstyle #curvyfashion #fashionover50 #nativebeauty, etc. A world of diversity at your fingertips! By following accounts in which we recognize ourselves physically, fashion inspo’ comes way easily and in a much healthier way!




“Urgh, I can't believe this trend is back!”. We’ve heard this before. Fashion is a circle, and stuff we wore when we were younger suddenly comes back in style in a matter of months. We can’t help but feel that it’s … tacky? Dated? And what if it doesn’t suit us anymore?



Shocking news: you don’t have to keep up with every trend. As we said: you’re the boss! It’s fun to dare, be bold, and jump out of our comfort zone from time to time. But eh, no pressure! Although fashion is cyclical, the trends are usually coming back a bit changed. The basics are the same, but it’s updated to the current era. A bit less scary, no? Do your research to see how you can sport previously loved trends in a new, completely you, way! Fashion blogs, influencers and stylists (us!) FTW!


Let’s make it clear: fashion is what you make of it. And we believe and you! Dare to be your most authentic self.


Your MFMK stylists


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January 29, 2021 11:43

Hello, This is so true. I love all styles but can’t put it together. So thanks for your advice. Barbara