The MFMK men's guide to winter coats

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Canadian winters are rough, we all know it. When temperatures drop below 40, every commute is pain, especially if your winter coat doesn’t measure up. We believe that your winter coat can and should be the most important piece you own, especially if you have (at leats) two.

Yes, two. We think that to survive the winter with style and whitout losing your mind, every man needs these two winter coats on his rack. Why two? One for when it’s colder than on mars and a dressy one for work, fancy outings, and milder days. Just because our climate is truly Siberian doesn’t mean we have to look like shapeless lumps from November to March.

Coat 1: The utility coat

What to look for?

The hood: A hood makes a coat more casual, but better suited for the cold. If you pick a coat with a hood, make sure it is padded like the rest of the coat, or else what’s the use?

Padding: Generally, coats can be filled with either  mix of feathers and down, or with synthetics. Remember down and feathers are lighter and more durable, while synthetics are usually more water resistant and easier to wash. Up to you to see what works better for your lifestyle.

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Coat 2: The dressy coat

What to look for?

The collar: A dressy coat usually comes without a hood, but will have either a stand colar or lapels, making it more professional. We suggest always wearing these coats with a scarf to balance the silhouette (and stay warm).

Length: Taller men should pick a mid-thigh length, while shorter men will prefer a shorter cut, just below the bum to lengthen the legs.

You can choose to wear these wools coats over a thin padded vest to make-it more versatile.

Pro tip: If you regularly wear a jacket to work, don,t forget to bring one with you when you go shopping for a coat. It will make a difference in sizing.

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How do you plan to stay warm this winter?

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