Meet your stylist: Craig


His smile will make you melt, but that’s not half of it: Craig Major is above all a stylist with a sharp eye and a nose for the latest trends. For over 10 years, Craig has applied his versatile personality to the world of fashion, dressing television stars as well as the everyday man looking to update his wardrobe.

Passionate and approachable, Craig delivers simple and accessible style while keeping a keen eye on trends. He’s one of the stylists who creates personalized boards for you, our dear users!


1. Name: Craig Major


2. Astrological sign: Cancer


3. Favourite colour: Navy


4. What does being a stylist mean to you? It’s thrilling and rewarding! I love the human contact and how it lets me help people get to know their bodies, and show them how fashion is really just a tool that can be manipulated to your advantage.


5. What are some fashion rules you wish people knew? For men: A simple boring t-shirt can instantly become sexy just by rolling up the sleeves a bit. For women: Never wear leggings (without pockets at the back) with a short shirt that doesn’t cover the butt. That look NEVER works.


6. What are you signature pieces? A denim shirt, a simple black V-neck t-shirt, dark navy jeans in a slim cut.


7. Your style icon? Adam Levine


8. Your top fashion destination in the world? New York


9. Your most memorable experience as a stylist? One time I went on a style shopping session with a client. Everything went great and she was seemed really happy. A couple of days later, she sends me an email thanking me again for this shopping experience. She admitted that the best part was giving her husband a little fashion show with all our great finds, and seing his eyes sparkle with admiration for her, something that hadn’t happened in a long time. That’s the kind of story that really warms your heart.


10. Real talk: do stylists wear sweatpants?  Totally! But the sweatpants will probably look super unique, and I’ll pair them with some cool shades ;)


11. Your worst fashion faux-pas? I have a picture of myself from when I was about 19, I take it out when I want to have a good laugh. I’m wearing an aqua and white zebra print shirt and my hair is bleached yellow-white and spiked with gel. I can’t get over how hilarious it looks!


12. Tie or bow-tie? Bow-tie!!


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