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Marina's strength is not only underlined by her "GRL PWR" tattoo. She’s full of energy, super kind, confident and creative, Marina knows how to perfectly combines her artistry and entrepreneurial side. In fact, she does what she loves and she does it well! The MFMK team met her in a magnificent residence on the banks of the St-Laurent River to create some boyish and sexy looks, in collaboration with her stylist, Ariane Sylvain. Oh, the fun we had!


It’s very clear that you’re a fashionista. You dare to be bold, and you’re creative with your fashion choices! How do you pick your outfit in the morning?

Well, the thing people don't know about me is that when I'm home, I'm really the relax type of girl, so I wear anything comfortable. But when I leave the house, I give myself a little oomph! Not for others, but for me, because it makes me feel good. I am very inspired Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid’s styles, and I love the work of designers like Jacquemus, Fendi and Prada. I also have favourite bloggers, like Rocky Barnes and Leonie Hanne, who are part of my daily life since I keep up with them on Instagram and Pinterest. I see a photo that inspires me, notice the details and try them on the next day. I'm really into letting go, trying and failing. My stylist and friend Ariane and I send each other inspirational photos EVERYDAY!



For this photo shoot, MFMK’s team collaborated with your stylist Ariane Sylvain with whom you have been working for several years. Besides your beautiful friendship, what does having a stylist change for you?

Ariane really helps me get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes when she comes up to me with new trends, I'm surprised - but I take it in, and try it on! Working with a stylist really gave me a great openness to trying new things or going out of my comfort zone. Now, if I go to a family dinner and my aunt tells me that I am well dressed, I feel that it’s too "normal" and it does not represent my true colours. I like feeling that people are surprised, shocked by my look. Then I know I pushed the limit! And above all, I think that if YOU like your outfit and you feel good in it, then no matter what people say, you look amazing.

From the start, we agreed on a boyish look with some sexy and feminine details. Was it out of your comfort zone?

No, it’s so me! In fact, I always try to break up my looks. A sexy crop top, with very wide pants, a heel with a big jacket… My very feminine side and my boyish sense of style coexist in my wardrobe. And, to his dismay I often borrow clothes from my boyfriend!



Is there a trend you would never wear?

There are definitely some things I would never wear again, but I like to be bold. I do a lot of editorial photo shoots for different projects, and I’m therefore able to try out a lot of things! I don't have a style that defines me, so it really allows me to experiment with everything.


Fall fashion is often eagerly awaited! Although you're a die-hard bikini fan, what pieces or trends are you looking forward to wearing this fall?

I really want to dive into the androgynous look. Suits - I love them! It's a style I've not tried a lot, so I am very excited about it. I’m easily cold, so I love layering. Fall is perfect for that, so I can't wait! I just don’t like snow, since you can’t wear your perfect heels! Snow and fashion don't mix very well, if you ask me.


You first started your career as a dancer, but did you know deep down that you wanted to touch other areas of the artistic field?

I had to ask myself this question, because at around 20 years old, you need to decide, as a dancer, if you stay in Quebec or if you try to make it internationally. I have a lot of friends who have made the jump to the States, and they excel and dance with the biggest names in the biz. But at 21, even if I had a great dance career in Quebec, I felt that I aspired to something else. I didn't know what exactly, but I wanted to do something that was going to give me the opportunity to… be me! Dancing is like playing a role: you have to follow the theme, the choreography. I knew I wanted to do something that was going to allow me to be fully myself.

In addition to your career as a host, your brand, NANA, plays an important role in your path. How do you envision your future?

It sounds silly, but I really created NANA to inspire women. I see it as a team of women who celebrate the success and beauty of all, and who ignore the dictates of fashion. I also wanted to create a brand that represented me as a person, with my interests and values. As I am a woman who often goes on vacation and to the ocean, the swimsuits were a must. However, I didn't want to make swimsuits just for myself. I always keep in mind the well-being of my clients: I want them to feel beautiful, to meet their specific needs with affordable products. We are now in development for new products. I can't talk about it just now, but I work very hard for my clients and I think they will be really happy. Also, the NANA sunglasses in collaboration with Bizou stores will be back again this year!


You are the face of NANA. Would you like to have a different muse in the future?

That was the plan… before COVID-19! Our plans fell apart for this summer's campaign, so it was back with… just me! I knew I was going to be NANA's muse at the beginning, but this year we wanted to do something different. But yes, certainly, both at the level of collaborators and ambassadors, I make sure I have a great diversity of ethnicity, religion, figure, style, name it. Of course, like many brands, I have a lot to learn, but I am very open-minded and I like to educate myself and to improve my business practices. It really is at the heart of who I am. This year, for the first two weeks of NANA's sale, I personally gave $ 1 per swimsuit sold to “Pour 3 points”, Fabrice Vil’s organization, which aims to counter school dropouts, mainly in Montreal-North.

You are very present on social media and the image you project is very positive and healthy. You also speak up on hot topics. Do you feel any pressure to post or give your opinion?

I have a privileged place in our small world. I have a lot of people who follow me and it allows me to do what I love in life. I am very grateful for all of this, but it also comes with a responsibility and when there is something happening in the world that moves or saddens me, it is my duty to address it, bring it to light and show my support. I've been stressed out by certain posts I've made, but I always speak my mind. I am happy that my audience can see my true values, ​​which are the same on my social networks and in real life.


You seem like a girl with a thousand plans in mind. Do you want to tell us a little about what's coming up for you this fall?

Unfortunately, I had several projects outside the country that had to be postponed because of the pandemic. The good thing about all this, though, is that NANA is expanding a lot and that it is taking a lot of my time. I have been working every day, this summer, and the next few months will be spent promoting and planning the NANA's photo shoot that I plan to do in West-Canada in the coming months. So it's almost good news that my other projects are on hold, since it allows me to put all my energy on NANA!

To follow Marina and her brand NANA, it's here:



Photographer: Sarah Laroche

Makeup and hair: Sophie Parrot

Styling: MFMK in collaboration with Ariane Sylvain

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