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This summer, we’re gonna have fun in the sun… in Canada! Our beautiful country has so much to offer. Breathtaking landscapes, shiny lakes and charming, vibrant cities. Discover our favorite spots, and an outfit that goes perfectly with it!



Although most festivals have been canceled or postponed until fall, Montreal is going to be magical this summer. Get on your BIXI and explore the most beautiful areas of the city. And yes, the terraces will be open. Cheers!




Long walks by the St-Lawrence river, whale watching, charming little shops. Tadoussac region is magnificent and offers lots of wonders, and a bit of fresh, salty air. Here is a perfect outfit to explore it.




Real urban vacations! As you will surely walk a lot, opt for a trendy style with ultra-comfortable sneakers. This urban chic look is ideal for the Six! Drake would be proud.




Between mountain and ocean, the city of Vancouver is dazzling for sure! As you’ll go quickly from a trendy lunch in the city to an outdoor activity, we have put together an hybrid outfit, so that you’re ready for whatever comes your way.




Picturesque villages, white sand and hot water as far as the eye can see? It’s possible, even in Canada! You can count on us: you will be amazed by this magnificent place! Here is a perfect swimsuit look for your long family days at the beach!




The magnificent Banff National Park will shock you with its majestic mountains and turquoise lakes. It’s with this colour in mind that this comfortable and sporty look was created.




DREAMY! Walk these endless beaches and contemplate unique landscapes. Spoil yourself with a long dress fluttering in the wind for your first majestic island sunset!



Winnipeg is a city where green parks and distilleries rub shoulders. See where we’re going? Yes, it’s the perfect place for a picnic! Fill your basket with the best delicacies of the region and go to the park! Don’t forget your crib game.




Quebec City is a must for any tourist. This city is full of history and impressive monuments that are worth a visit. Here is charming look for a visit to the museum, which will certainly end on a beautiful terrace in Petit Champlain.




In our opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful spots in our country! Get ready to eat well (mmm, seafood) and discover many small attractions. Here is a cute outfit, inspired by the sea. 


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