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Usually, what dictates our choices when shopping are things like colours, prints, or certain materials. Necklines don’t normally unleash passions. But they should! If a good look is all about pleasant proportions, then the neckline plays the most vital part, by framing our pretty faces.


No matter what your style challenge is, our stylists broke down for you every type of neckline you should look out for. Because sometimes, all your style needed was the right neckline to be completely on point.


Do you have awesome strong shoulders and narrow hips?

Don’t be afraid to show some skin! With a feminine neckline, you can soften an athletic upper body.

-Look for wider necklines, U or V-shaped. By wide, we mean necklines that cut further from the neck at the top and highlights the collar bone.

-Deep necklines scare you? Don’t be afraid to layer a more modest tank top underneath a lower-cut blouse. As long as the deepest neckline is still visible, this feminine look still works.

-Pro tip: reach for raglan sleeves, they were basically made for you.




Do you have strong hips and narrow shoulders?

Yes, you absolutely CAN balance wide hips with a neckline.

-Give those shoulder a lift and balance out your hips with a halter neck.


-Geometrically speaking, V-necks are the opposite of a halter, but the general effect is the same. Oh V-neck, always flattering!

-Think horizontal on top with a wide boat neck to open up the shoulders and create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Off-the-shoulder cuts create a similar effect, but make sure your bust is well-supported.


Pro tip: cap sleeves are a no-brainer when it comes to drawing attention to the top in order to, you guessed it, balance out the silhouette.



Do you have a full chest?

Play with angles and lines to lengthen your body and highlight your neck.

-Make V-necks your go-to. The vertical lines elongate the body. Just keep on eye on the tip of the V: it might make your chest look saggy of it lands too high, or be too revealing if it lands too low.


Pro tip: A wrap top is perfect because it lets you adjust the garment to your shape, for a perfect fit every time.


-A vest with fluid lapels can bring a sleek finish to voluptuous curves. Wear yours over a V-neck for a truly flattering look.



Do you have a smaller chest?

Go from itty-bitty to va-va-voom by choosing the right cuts.

-You’ll like round or scoop necklines that add soft roundness around the face, the chest and shoulders. Perfect for athletic figures in need of curves.

-Own your body type with confidence with super-low necklines. A small chest is perfect for this type of daring detail, and the end look will never be over-the-top sexy.


-Go straight to the point and add some volume where you want it. Draped collars and high lapels are perfect for this, as are tops that come with scarves and ties.

-For those who still dream of a full bosom, sweetheart necklines are the best optical illusion out there.


-Pro tip: Chest pockets, lace appliqués, or ornate lapels are all ways to add some faux-curves at the chest.



All-time favourites:

Collared necklines: They work on everyone! Just unbutton to where you want it for the perfect neckline every time.


V-necks: Seriously, they looks great on everyone, everyone should wear them. Enough said.


Risky business:

The crewneck: This one is often hard to pull-off because it can dwarf the neck and highlight a strong chest. Generally, it works best if you have a long thin neck.

The turtleneck: Even though it highlights the facial traits, it can just as easily turn against you if you have a large chest or a short neck. If you still want to wear it for that polished look (we would too!), look for moc necks or stand-up collars for a cleaner, streamlined look.


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