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Linen is one of our favourite textiles. We love its natural look and we also love the fact that it helps keep us cool in summer! However, we know that some people are afraid to adopt it because it tends to wrinkle. However, we encourage you to look beyond that. Yes, linen has a natural and raw look, and it’s part of its charm. That being said, if you really can’t imagine yourself wearing clothes that are not perfectly smooth, you can go for mixed linen. Indeed, to benefit from all the qualities of linen and avoid creasing, go for clothes made of linen mixed with cotton, viscose or lyocell.



- Linen is ecofriendly: it requires almost no chemicals, fertilizers or water to grow.

- Linen keeps us cool in summer and warm in winter because the fibres retain air, thus creating natural insulation.

- It can absorb 20% humidity and it dries really fast.

- It’s the most resistant fabric. It does not pill or lose its shape, and it gets softer with every wash.



Now, take a look at our favourite pieces!






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