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Swimsuit season is officially here! Whether you want to wad in the pool, discover fine sand beaches or relax at the cottage, we have trendy suggestions for every taste and need!

First of all, here are two questions to ask yourself before you buy a new swimsuit:

- What do I intend to do with it? Whether you lay on the beach or next to your pool, the constraints are pretty much the same: you want to avoid uncomfortable ties or buckles at the back and stay away from swimsuits that will leave you with some weird tan lines. However, if you want to do swimming laps or jump over waves, you need something that will stay in place!

- What are my assets and the things that make me self-conscious? If you feel confident, you’re wearing the right swimsuit. The perfect bikini buttock or stomach doesn’t exist. Choose something that makes you feel strong and beautiful. Simple as that!



They were already everywhere last year, and now they’re coming back! The high-neck top is still trendy, with its stylish athletic vibe. We are delighted to be able to wear them again!

Besides, aside from their seducing cut, high neck tops have many advantages:

- They keep your breasts in place. Ideal to jump over waves, surf or spend the day at the water slides!

- They have a minimalist shape often enhanced with a beautiful back.

- They cover the chest, an area that’s really prone to bad sunburns.




When it comes to lingerie, bralettes are a MUST, and apparently, they have also conquered the swimsuit industry. Basically, bralettes are wire/padding-free version of bras. A comfy and stylish swimsuit? Definitely!




Very popular in the early 2000s, they are making a huge comeback! This sexy cut has everything to enhance your chest and is ideal for A shapes silhouettes. Be careful: put sunscreen everywhere! #safetyfirst




There was a time when one-piece swimsuits were mostly for older women. Well, forget about that; one-pieces are super trendy, no matter your age or silhouette. There are now plenty of fun versions that have nothing to envy from the famous bikini!



The retro style is very popular and that’s also true when it comes to swimsuits. High waisted bottoms are EVERYWHERE! In addition to being super stylish, they’re also a great way to subtly dissimulate a belly or love handles!




Cheeky bikini bottoms show more of the buttock - with their V-shaped cut on the back - but are slightly more covering than tangas. Still, they are a bit more revealing than what we’re used to. But to be extra comfortable or to add a sexy touch to your pool look, they are so worth it! Bonus: this cut will make your legs look longer!




We wanted to suggest high waisted and brazilian bottoms because we love them and they’re super trendy. However, if you prefer regular bottoms, here are many cute suggestions!


Finally, here are the little details that make swimsuits so irresistible this season!



There’s no need to be an athlete to fall for these sporty swimsuits. We love mesh inserts and athletic stripes!




Enhance your silhouette in an instant with a swimsuit with crossed crease or with light folds at stomach level. Show off your summer bod’ in style!


This summer, spoil yourself with a swimsuit that you really like! 

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