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Like many of you, MFMK stylists work from home. Although we miss creating fun outfits for the office, we must admit that the loungewear pieces and pajamas often takes over, these days! Sorry to disappoint, even stylists work in jogger pants! ;)

If comfort is what counts for you these days, here are your new essential pieces! Because, after all «comfortable» rhymes with «beautiful»…


T-shirts, knitwear, blouses, these long and ample versions are so comfy! Best of all, they're just dressy enough to go out, and do your essential shopping.




A must-have! Here it is in several variations of colours and lengths. Wear it with your most beautiful tunics or with a short top for a sportier and trendy look.



At the rate that we use up the ones we already have, we might need some beautiful new ones soon enough! The modern nightgown is also a great option for those coquettish mornings.




There's nothing better than wrapping yourself in a soft cardigan while drinking good coffee to give a good start to your workday. It's also a 4 seasons piece, so it's a great buy!




We're not talking about the 5 to 7 with friends version here. Huh, uh! Here are some very comfortable ones that can be worn effortlessly. Soft cotton, elastic waist... the dream!



These tops are perfect for working comfortably, but with a minimum of decorum! Ideal choice for you videoconferencing when we only see your upper body. ;)




For our greatest pleasure, athletic-style elastic waistband pants are very trendy these days! At the same time, they are also perfect for working long hours in front of the computer. Comfy + stylish = win!



Now we're pushing it... spending the day in a bathrobe? Oh, why not! Long, short, thick or light, the choice is yours! #treatyourself



Colourful, cute or practical, these are the socks and slippers you need!




With its light and comfortable support, the bralette is perfect for the stay-at-home situation! If your breasts are larger and a bralette is not an option, why not try a sports bra? And by the way, if you find it comfortable not to wear one at all then... go for it! 


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