Keep your winter coat fresh with accessories


Is last year’s winter coat still holding up? If you don’t feel like investing in a new one, why not  give it a little makeover by adding some accessories?
We came up with some fun ideas to make your peacoat or puffer jacket as stylish as can be, even when the weather is no fun.
Add some fur

Fur accessories (synthetic or real, your call) always add a nordic flair to cold-weather wear. This fur collar is the modern-day version of your grandma’s fur tippet : wear it with your peacoat for a romantic look, or with a quilted down coat to chanel arctic explorers of yesteryear.      



Belt it up

Grab a belt that’s too long for normal outfits (like a men’s belt) and fold over the front panels of your coat over your chest, then belt everything in place.  Your coat already come with a belt? Swap it for a leather one in a different colour and watch as your coat transforms into a fashion icon. Don’t be afraid of uneven wrinkling, it’s all part of the game.




Bundle up with a shale 

Already a master of the belt-over-coat trick? Add a shale! Not only does this take any ol’ jacket from utility garment to chic outerwear, it also acts as an extra layer of heat: we’ll take it!



Layer a vest

Winter and fashion are not friends, especially when it’s minus fourty degrees (celsius!). Try thinking completely out of the box with an entirly new way of doing winter wear? We love the idea of a plush vest over a basic quilted coat. It actually makes going ouside (*ghasp*) appealing.



How do you sustain you need for style in cold weather?



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