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Our stylists get hundreds of user requests every week with the same style challenge: my life is changing, but my wardrobe isn’t. 

With every milestone, new style habits are in order. We know it can be painful to leave behind pieces that defined your style at a certain time, but look at it this way: this way you can better welcome he next defining fashion items for your new life.

Here are some thoughts and tips on how to navigate some of these great changes without changing who you are.



High school and university are for experimenting and finding what works for you, and this goes for every aspect of your life, including style. No trend is too trendy for you, because you look great in everything, anyways. You break the rules, you bend genders, and you make mistakes. Say yes to preppy chinos as well as ripped jeans. Bright colours are your friends. You favourite sneakers go with everything and anything. There’s only one rule: don’t try to make yourself look older.




Diploma in hand, you quickly realize, after that first job interview, that your student wardrobe needs a serious makeover.

Take the opportunity to invest in pieces that you will still love through events, seasons, and years. Your era of flash fashion is over, it’s time to lay down the bases and build your true style. We’re thinking go-everywhere shirts (don’t shy away from prints) and at least one perfect jacket that goes with everything. THE thing to splurge on: a grown-up bag, timeless and elegant (and maybe pick up a new wallet while you’re at it).

You want to be taken seriously, but don’t forget to be young and participate in all the fun trends. Your new bosses like you because of your optimistic vitality, so go with it!




The first child often comes with an identity crisis for the parents, style-wise. Your chic 9-to-5 shirts are suddenly too clean for your new day-to-day, and it’s your casual stuff that gets worn the most. Your new style goal: to master the casual-chic.

Look for fluid and easy to care for tops. Silks and linen need to be ironed (let’s not kid ourselves, there’s not time for that anymore) so look for wash-and-wear materials, like quality polyesters for your tops. Choose bottoms made from thicker, stretchy material that can help keep everything in place. For shoes, why trendy sneakers of course!

With everything else going on, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Always have at least one going-out outfit that makes you feel awesome for those rare date nights when the kids are with grandma.




The kids are older, and you finally have some time to yourself. But just when you thought you found your true style, that’s when the body starts acting up. Your body type isn’t what it used to be, and suddenly you question everything. Is this outfit too young? Do I dress like my mother? Is this what dads wear?

The good news is that you don’t really care about trends anymore: you know who you are and what you like.

To get through the physical transformations, our stylists suggest shopping for your basics, such as jeans, jackets, and pants, at stores that cater to a more mature crowd. The cuts will be better adapted to your new silhouette. Pants might sit slightly higher and have a wider waistband, for instance, or jackets might be more structured.

Once that’s taken care of, and because you still like fashion and are still willing to experiment with new looks, explore younger brands to find some colourful accessories, trendy tops, and other fashion statement pieces. You’ll hit the perfect balance.




This is the fashion transition that raises the most questions. The children have left the nest, you don’t work anymore, and your day-to-day has dramatically changed. Often, the entire wardrobe needs a redo!

To refocus, take the time to look at how you spend your time. If you spend 20% of your time doing outdoor activities, 60% at home, and 10% on evening outings, your wardrobe should reflect that. Don’t be afraid to do a big wardrobe clean-up.

However, none of that should mean the end of fun and daring fashion. You don’t care about trends anymore anyway, and you’ve stopped trying to look younger. You dress for yourself, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s easy to give in to neutral, monochromatic look, but don’t forget to always try to integrate colour and prints into your wardrobe: they are energizing and fresh, and always in style.



Actually, that last advice goes for pretty much every age group, don’t you think?

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