Not making a big deal out of Christmas this year? Here’s what to wear.


So you’ve decided to not make a big deal out of Christmas this year, with just a cozy Christmas Eve and a quiet morning for the kids. Here’s what to wear to stay cozy and chic.

Christmas Eve:

The pies are cooking, the kids are excited, the tree is lit. You want to look just festive enough whitout letting uncomfortable clothes cramp your style. After all, the reason you decided to stay at home this year was to keep things simple.


A shirt is a good idea, but give it a more casual twist with a layered knit.

Go for flattering cuts and rich jewel tones: just because the extended family isn’t here doesn’t mean have to be look frumpy!


Christmas morning:

The kids are up, the coffee is brewing, the gifts are awaiting. Add a playful touch to gift-giving with colourful knits and comfy pants. Silly socks mandatory.  


We like this revised holiday sweater: it’ll make the kids laugh and add some goofiness to your family photos.

Lounge wear made chic is easy with the right knit. Add some casual leggings and you’re ready for a great Christmas morning.

 How are you staying chic this Christmas?

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