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Whether it’s to do your groceries, got to the restaurant or hit the slopes, there is no escape… if you spend winter in our beautiful country, you need to find the right clothes to appreciate the joys of the cold season!


To brave the winter cold in your daily activities, parkas and quilted coats are perfect! Long coats are really trendy right now and that’s a good thing, since they’re much warmer.

However, a major question arises: what’s the best kind of insulation? There are two main options to consider:


Down is a soft layer of fine goose or duck feathers. It’s often used to make winter coats since it traps the heat and returns it back towards the source (which happens to be your body). Another advantage is the fact that it’s really easy to compress; a definite plus for travelling light! However, it’s usually more expensive than synthetic insulation and, if it gets wet (rain, intense sweating), down loses its insulation power and takes a long time to dry.



Synthetically insulated coats are heavier and less packable than down coats. However, synthetic insulation is not affected when it gets wet, since humidity remains between the fibres, and not inside of them. This type of insulation is made from polyester fibres. Numerous sportswear companies use primaloft since it’s machine washable, just like down, but unlike it, it’s hypoallergenic and it doesn’t lose any of its fluffiness.


Regarding accessories, you can’t go wrong with knits! Not only will they keep you warm but they’ll also add a fun and colourful touch to your winter looks.



Want to look elegant? Take a look at these options! We really like long wool jackets. This year, cuts are more masculine, even for women's jackets.

Since you want your jacket to fit with your different outfits, go for neutral colours, like navy blue, black or grey. If you prefer bright colours, go for red. It’s easy to match. Plaid is also a nice way to create a more dynamic look.


As for accessories, leather and fur (real or synthetic) are an excellent choice.




For the ones who like to sweat, choose an outfit that is specifically made for sports activities. They are usually made using the layering system.

The base layer is in contact with your skin and its main function is to direct the moisture outwards. If it doesn’t you’ll start to feel cold as soon as you stop moving.

The mid-layer is there to add insulation, trap body heat and continue to direct moisture away from your skin and move it towards the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate. We really like polartec, a synthetic polar fleece, that’s mainly used to make sports sweaters because it’s so light and warm.

The outer layer acts like a shell and protects you from the elements. This layer should be breathable so it allows the moisture from your inner layers to escape. Goretex is waterproof and breathable so it’s perfect. Your outer layer should fit easily over your other layers so you can move freely. 


Sport accessories quality is really important! Choose them wisely!


You’re now ready to leave the house and brave winter!




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