The ABC of dressing for big, medium and small busts!

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Small, big or average, breasts are undeniably a controversial fashion topic. Some love to put them forward, while others prefer to keep them hidden. To each their own! To help you choose clothes accordingly, here is a complete guide to dress for the bust you have, and how you want to present it to the world.  

Side note! As you know, we use our fashion partner’s pictures, so large or very small breasts are not as represented as we’d like them to be. But don’t worry: our stylists keep all types of busts in mind when giving you advice. 



Having bras that are perfectly adapter to your body is a must! We can’t stress this enough. They are much more comfortable, they will flatter your figure, and make your clothes fit you better. #win 

Small or medium breast

Let’s start with the basics: bras! You lucky ladies have lots of options to choose from! Adhesive bras, strapless, balconettes, triangles, push-ups, bralettes – you can wear them all… or wear nothing at all! It’s up to you and, ultimately, the best way to go is just choose what is comfortable and what looks better with your outfit. 


Large breast

Bras hold an important place in the life of busty women, because they make getting dressed in the morning significantly easier… as long as they fit you right! 

You’ve probably heard of all the basic tricks that help you choose the right bra: it should have large straps, a cup that covers the entire boob, and underwire. When you try it on, it should fit comfortably when hooked at the tightest.  

Some women love padded bras, while others swear by thin lace cups. It’s a matter of personal preference. See which kind works for you. Sports bras are gym essentials, of course, but can also be worn under a dress or an intricate top for a smoother fit.




V or U-neck 

The V-neck is a basic neckline that highlights both small and large breasts. Without putting it necessarily in the spotlight, it will immediately have a lengthening effect, which is advantageous for any silhouette. A must! 


Crossover Neckline  

It may look like the V neckline, but it’s a tad sexier! The crossover magnifies large breasts, while adding a bit of plumpy oomph to small breasts. Dresses, blouses or t-shirts: pick your favourite!  


Mock neck 

All the high necklines like the round neck, the mock neck or the turtleneck accentuate the breast area. If that’s the desired effect, then mock neck it is!




The jacket 

Ah, the jacket. Always there for us! For those who want to hide their chest a bit, the jacket is a great option. It gives structure to any outfit, and therefore make your silhouette boxier, instead of curvier. It also creates a vertical line at the front, which will lengthen your silhouette.


Prints and textures 

Pockets, ruffles, shiny fabrics, horizontal stripes. Nothing better than textures and prints to attract attention! It’s a very easy way to enhance the parts of your body that you love the most. As we often say in our conferences: you're the boss!


Must-have accessories 

Bra extensions, nipple covers, converters or laundry essentials, here are some must have to get your hands on ASAP. 


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