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We’ve wanted to work with the inspiring Genevieve for a long time! For the entrepreneur and fashionista, we’ve created colourful and bold outfits that prove that, during the fall, not only the trees can shine!


Would you describe yourself as a fashion connoisseur?

Yes! I would say that I have a lot of fashionistas in my close circle of friends. They’re always shopping the latest trends – more than me! But I’m still quite up to date with fashion, mostly because I really like it.


Where do you get your style inspiration from?

Um, I don’t really know. I never really feel influenced by anything, but I think there may be some things happening subconsciously. I probably retain information when I’m scrolling on Instagram, for example. I also like Julie Perreault’s look in Catastrophe. I love colours, patterns and casual-chic looks. When I shop, I do my mix and match on the spot, and try to find new favorites by just enjoying the moment.

What’s the fall-winter trend that you’re most eager to wear?

I love big sweaters paired with midi skirts. Colour-wise, I know that green and pastels are very trendy right now, and it’s very me! Otherwise, I’m really into pink and leopard print. Almost too much! I also like long colorful coats, and I’m a master at layering.


And what is one trend you'll never wear?

I don’t think there is one! I’m really open-minded. When leggings came back in fashion, for example, I would never have been caught alive wearing a pair. And then, it became one of my essential piece! I think I can always surprise myself. 

What's your fashion routine when you go out? Do you have a signature outfit?

Not a signature outfit per se, but I really like high-waisted jeans, with a colorful jacket and heels. My routine changes according to my mood. Sometimes, I am super inspired and other times, I would just stay in my sweatpants! That being said, I’ve recently lost a lot of weight and I’m starting to be comfortable in high waist skirts again. More than ever, I'm glad to spoil myself with new clothes!

On social media, you seem proud of your silhouette, and you enhance it perfectly. Have you always been this confident?

I’ve always been confident, even when I was curvier. I have a bootie and hips, and they’re here to stay! I’m proud of my curves and I like to highlight them. I think confidence really is a state-of-mind thing; it doesn’t really matter what your body looks like. A bit like in the movie I feel pretty, with Amy Schumer!


You worked hard to grow your business, and it made you become a beloved public figure. Was it a dream for you?

I don’t really think about it. I do what I do with passion, and I like people! I love meeting them, answering their questions… It’s a natural thing for me. I have never suffered from impostor syndrome, because people like what I do, and make me feel good about it. I also surround myself with the best, and it really helps.

What kind of boss do you think you are?

I am what I call a “disorganized organizer”. I’ve often been told that my strength is to see the potential in other people, and make their qualities shine. I’m also convincing; I know how to bring people along with me on my projects… even when I don’t have a super clear idea of where I’m going myself!


You are a busy woman and we love to follow all of your projects! What’s coming for you?

In November, my next book "Sushi Pizza" comes out, followed by my book "Vege" in April. Otherwise, this winter, we will work on franchising counters, because we’re lucky enough to have lots of requests for it! We will also focus on perfecting other projects, like the in-house sushi misses and our products line at IGA grocery stores. There is always a lot to do!



To follow Genevieve and get inspire by her bubbly personality, it's here:


Montreal Sushi Counter: 3870 Ontario East street, Montreal

Quebec Sushi Counter: 10 René-Lévesque West Blvd , Quebec

Photographe: Sarah Laroche

MUA: Jean-François Casselman-Dupont

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