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Sarah Laroche if one of MFMK’s favourite photographer. She’s the artist behind our editorial shootings with Sophie Nélisse and Cynthia Dulude! And she’s not just talented behind a camera, she’s also a successful entrepreneur! She just introduced her line of well-being and bath ritual products; SELV. Let us guide you through this new brand, that is now a big part of our self-care routine.

Sarah, how would you describe SELV?

I’ve always been attracted by the clean Swedish aesthetic, and that’s why the name SELV (“self” in Swedish”) came to my mind. It describes the essence of the products, what I want to share with the world; a bit of me-time for people that deserve it. I want them to be able to create a moment, an ambiance, a ritual. When you buy SELV, you do not but a product, you buy time for yourself.

We have 4 lines of products, each of which contains bath rituals, oils and bath salts.

Nordic, is focused on managing anxiety and calming nerves, with its eucalyptus and lavender fragrances.

Moon, helps you sleep, with soothing ingredients like lavender and mint.

Boreal, is inspired by the forest, with fragrances like fir, eucalyptus, bergamot and rosemary, and is perfect to clear the airways. A bit of fresh air, basically!

Quartz, is focused on dermo for minor skin care, such as eczema or scarring. It’s also my favourite day to day products. And it contains roses – a smell that I adore!

And let’s not forget our most popular product; the eucalyptus bouquet for the shower! It's like having an in-home spa! The bouquet is simply suspended in the shower and the hot water vapours release the fragrance of the plant. Be careful, many types of eucalyptus are toxic! The branches we sell are safe for you and your family. Always.

How did SELV came to life?

I have been working in the fashion and photography industry for 20 years, and I needed a new challenge. Photography is my first love, but at a very young age, I started making my own beauty products. All SELV products are, in fact, made from recipes that I have been perfecting over the years, for me, my friends and my family. They liked them as much as I did, so I decided it was time to put them out there, for other people to enjoy.  

Is everything really handcrafted?

Yes!  I do everything! It takes a lot of time, but this project is so close to my heart that I want to add my special touch to every product, even if it keeps me busy. And when I have big rush, my parents are always ready to help me. They’re so great!

As an artist, how did you develop the visual signature of SELV?

In fact, I am still thinking about it! It’s an ongoing process. However, I knew I wanted it to be clean, minimalist. I loved the transparency of the quartz, and the colour black for its contemporary, pure look.

How do you see the future of SELV? Are you developing any other product?

Keeping an ethical and simple manufacturing is what’s more important to me. I don’t want a 20 000-employee company! But I must admit that, down the line, I would absolutely love to have a small shop in Montreal… And one in Toronto too! Why not?

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