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Not one day goes by without one of our stylists receiving a request for a casual-chic look. As simple as it may look, this style remains difficult to master by many. But fear not: we’re here to help!

Let’s start from the beginning. What is casual-chic? Actually, it’s a hybrid between a more laid-back look, and something a bit more soigné. It’s a perfect trend for casual Fridays, night outs with friends or weekend brunches in the new crowded café. 

And no need to empty your wallet! This style allows you to get your chicest pieces out of your closet, and to give them a second life!

But what is the difference between a chic piece and a casual one, really?

Usually, a chic piece of clothing is taken from the most classic part of your wardrobe. Think evening outfits! The famous little black dress, a sexy blouse, a sequined skirt or a classic black jacket. Here are some examples:



For the casual part of this look, think loose pants, denim jackets, knitted pullovers, trendy sneakers or simple t-shirts. The keywords here are: comfortable and easy to wear.



Accessories also have a big part to play in the casual-chic outfits. For instance, a simple jean-t-shirt combo can be instantly fancied up by adding high-heeled boots or massive earrings. Your favorite office dress can as easily be dressed down with a wool tuque and some grunge-style boots. Not that complicated, huh?


Ready to get more in depth in your casual-chic knowledge? Here are a few outfits that beautifully embody the casual-chic look.



Perfect for parties! You’ll never feel over or under dressed with this classic duo. Add trendy accessories and a jean jacket to your classic A-line dress et… voilà! A chic and easy to wear look, that you can dress up and down during the night by simply removing – or putting back - your jacket. Brilliant!




Fun girl’s night planned? This is the outfit you’ll want to rock for a night out in town. You’ll be comfortable, yet stylish in a simple jean and an eye-catching blouse. A real neck-breaker outfit!




A simple jacket is a work wardrobe must have, but you can also rock it on the weekends! We suggest you wear it with a corduroy skirt and a printed t-shirt for a trendy yet casual look. Add a tuque and flat booties, and you're ready for a stylish Sunday brunch!




Dare to wear your favorite sweater with a new pair of oversized shiny earrings! One of our favourite outfits of the series!




We’ve seen satin everywhere on the runways, this season, and we absolutely love it! Wow your family and friends during your next Holiday party with a beautiful satin skirt matched with an oversized cardigan. A way to give a new life to an often forgotten piece. #makesatingreatagain




A classic white blouse is a must for any wardrobe. Jazz it up a bit with sporty corduroy pants and leather booties. For a preppy touch, add a knitted sweater around your shoulders. Practical and stylish!  



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