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Fall is the ultimate cocooning season, but do you really know what cocooning is about? In 1987, Faith Popcorn coined the term cocooning to describe a new current. Rather than going out, people were starting to stay in. Not out of laziness, but because homes were starting to feel surprisingly fun and comfortable!

Without encouraging you to stock up to survive in your little cocoon until next spring, we invite you to use fall as an excuse to make time for yourself and enjoy the comfort of your sweet home!


Spending the whole day in pyjamas... the dream! It happens so rarely that when we finally have a chance to do it, it feels absolutely amazing. And with such cute and cozy options, it's a really tempting invitation to take the afternoon off and laze around!



We definitely can’t talk about autumn cocooning without telling you about our favourite knit sweaters. Ribbed knit, chunky knit and plush are back to meet your warmth and comfort needs!



Comfort can also be found… in your lingerie drawer! Yes, comfy panties and bras that you don’t want to take off as soon as you get home exist. Say hello to your new BFFs!



Joggers are designed with one thing in mind… comfort! That’s exactly the kind of pants you want to wear for a cocooning day! They’re as comfy as sweatpants, but the best part is that they look much better, so you won’t feel ashamed to wear them outside.  



The colour amber creates an atmosphere of warmth and well-being, so it’s the perfect shade to brighten up those rainy autumn days! And since amber is super trendy this season, you’ll find it in every department!



Here are some accessories that will take your cocooning game to the next level. Wool socks, warm slippers, scarves and elastics to create the perfect messy bun… Comfort will reach new highs this autumn!


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