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If there is one garment that can please everyone, it's jeans! Especially when the weather is cooler, comfy and stylish denims are a must! However, one question remains... Can we wear them to the office? Unless contrary indications of your employer, the answer is yes, IF you wear them appropriately! Here’s how:


On the weekend, you can wear baggy, flared or tight jeans without any concern. However, for the office, the most classic jeans are undeniably straight jeans. Wear them with heels or with ankle boots and rolled hem!



Your choice of underwear certainly does not concern... your colleagues! To move freely and feel comfy, go for high-rise jeans. In addition, high-rises eliminate the risk of muffin tops!

Psst…! Some jeans even have an elastic band at the waist for more comfort and versatility!



Faded jeans with holes and frays are nice, but they’re not suitable for every workplace. At the office, you can’t go wrong with dark jeans (navy blue or black), with no (or very little) aging effect! Chic and professional!


Here are a few work outfit ideas with jeans:

Jeans + Classic Blazer + Patterned Tie-Neck Blouse + Mules

With its feminine scarf, the tie-neck blouse looks super elegant. Choose a patterned one for a dynamic and trendy look and simply add a classic blazer and cute mules!


Jeans + Cardigan + Classic Shirt + Pumps

Shoes are super important because they set the tone of your outfits. Thus, when you decide to wear jeans in a professional environment, it’s important to wear shoes that bring a touch of elegance to your outfit. In this look, the casual pair of jeans and the cardigan are enhanced by the blouse and the pumps, which bring a more elegant touch!


Jeans + Tunic + Belt + Booties

This outfit is perfect for everyday life. The long and fluid tunic is comfy and elegant and the classic jeans are ideal for the weekend or for work!


Jeans + Turtleneck + Colourful Blazer + Boots

This fall, why not replace your usual blouse with a turtleneck? By wearing it under a jacket, you can even pair it with jeans and still look professional for the office!


Hoping that you’ll now enjoy jeans at the office whenever you feel like it!

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March 13, 2020 12:28

Hello - Could you please tell me where I could find the brick blazer in the top picture?