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The French woman has come to be somewhat of a mystic figure thanks to style icons such as Coco Chanel, Lou Doillon, Catherine Deneuve, or Marion Cotillard contributing to the myth that style and refinement are in their blood. But we think that a quick style lesson might be all we need to make ourselves into true French fashion buffs.

We decided to attempt to get to the bottom of what makes French style so alluring, and offer you this quick guide of style tips. Stick around, we will tell you everything!

Secret n.1 – Don’t go over ONE statement piece per outfit

A French woman layering the loud statement pieces is a rare sight. In France, you’ll notice that a statement piece is pretty much always worn with discreet basics. If you want to highlight your brand new colourful bag, wear it with jeans and a neutral top. If you have a brightly printed skirt, play it low-key for the rest of your look. Attention should be brought in a natural way to what you want to put forth.


Secret n.2 – Bend gender

It is a well-known fact that French woman love the garçonne look (which literally translates to boyish girl). Pick up an XL jacket, a shirt from your boyfriend’s side of the closet, or a trouser with darts, and you’ve got it! However, make sure your whole outfit is balanced with feminine pieces like a silk shirt or heels.


Secret n.3 – Be effortless

-      I love your cardigan!

-      Oh this old thing? I picked it up in a random thrift store.

You’ve met them, with their messy hair, oversized tees, destroyed jeans, and vintage finds. These French women seem naturally super stylish from birth. However, we think that looking effortlessly cool is an art that can be taught.


Secret n.4 – Practice the art of accessorizing

While their style is often classic and paired-down, French beauties truly understand the power of an accessory. It is the final touch that makes the difference between a cute look and a great look. Play around with hats, sunglasses, or small scarves to make sure to always stand out.


Secret n.5 – Don’t shy away from black

Now don’t think we are against colour, quite the opposite. However, even the prettiest shades of tangerine, fuchsia or crimson can’t beat good old reliable black. French women love it unconditionally, and their wardrobe always includes a solid base of neutral blacks. So what we are saying is: if you love your sky blue suit or bright yellow dress, by all means go ahead. But never underestimate the power of a head-to-toe black outfit.


So, who’s up for some shopping? 

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