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Let’s be honest: twins are generally intriguing. How wild it must be to have a double of yourself, always by your side, who looks just like you, but who is also a totally different person with their own little quirks? For those who aren’t part of the tiny percentage of twins in the world, the idea can be totally surreal. However with the Stratis twins, a pair that is down-to-earth, authentic, and open about their private lives, we all get to feel like we are part of the gang, or, at the very least, that we have found the sisters we never had.


Which leads us to our first interview question…


Why is it that two heads are better than one? Why is being a duo a strength?

 Josiane and I always say that if we were a single person, we would be completely perfect! As a duo, we each have strengths and weaknesses, and we manage to complete each other. Having another person to support and encourage us every step of the way is also a huge advantage!


When you were younger, was fashion a way to make yourselves even more identical, or was it a way to set yourselves apart?

 As teens, we already had similar tastes in clothes, but we still hadn’t figured out that by buying different clothes, we would be able to swap and trade and have twice the wardrobe selection ha-ha! So no, we never really tried to be different, but now we borrow one another’s clothing instead of buying doubles.



You each have over 10 years experience in web, and over 15 years in fashion. How did this career path come to be? Did one path bring on the other? 

 We both studied fashion (Josiane was in fashion marking, I was in fashion design). Josiane has always been to one initiating projects, I see them through. The idea came because we both felt that, in the fashion world, the tone was always the same. There wasn’t much room for criticism. We were amongst the first to get in on the great blog rush. 


While traditional magazines are reluctant to break their clean-cut image by broaching topics like masturbation or differences in general, you always did so in a very straightforward way. Did you feel like your audience was ready for that?

 We follow what is being done internationally, and we were always pretty open about these things, so we never really understood why certain fashion terms were used even if they were ridiculous, of why we couldn’t democratize certain concepts. Fashion, beauty, and wellbeing let us be completely open about certain things that no one was talking about, like mental illness, sexuality, gender identities, etc. We never want to stop learning and innovating, and that’s why we started out project Incluses.


Yes, and you’ve just announced that you are returned with a second edition. To create your designs, you will work exclusively with Xavier Laruelle. What can we expect?

 There will be five pieces, all adapted for plus size. It will be pretty different than what is usually seen in terms of inclusive fashion. It won’t be all black, like it often is the case. We based the concepts on what people around us wanted but couldn’t find.


You often talk in a way that is guilt and hang-up free. It seems important to you that women carry less of that weight on their shoulders. Why?  

 We have great sensitivity to these things, and maternity was a huge shock for us. We were already progressive and feminists, but when we saw the obstacles women face when they give birth, or in general actually, we decided to try to change things. Also, as someone who has been clinically depressed, it was important for me to know that people can be themselves and feel good about that. I know how precious good mental health can be. On the internet and social media, people seem to be comfortable saying things that are degrading, things they would never say in real life, so we are careful to not add to that and we want people to feel like they can be themselves and present themselves as they are on social media.  


Who are your respective fashion icons and inspirations?

The girls from Who What Wear. Katherine Power is 100% Carolane, and I’m totally Hillary Kerr.


What is your favourite summer trend?

I would definitely say wide-leg pants!


What is the fashion trend you can’t stand anymore?

Judgement….! Ha-ha, seriously, people can wear whatever they want, it won’t keep us up at night.


You started your own blog, which includes a hugely successful section dedicated to motherhood, and you have published two books. What are the next milestones we can wish you for the future?

 Incluses really is the project we care about right now. We are also working on developing Ton Petit Lunch, the foodie version of Ton Petit Look. Other than that, just getting through the day is usually a nice feat! 

Our suggestions inspired by Carolane and Josiane’s style


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