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Do you have a hard time knowing what suits you best or do you often feel discouraged when trying on clothes?

Is it possible that you’re not too familiar with your body type?

When it’s the case, we often tend to choose the wrong type of clothing or to compare ourselves to women who are completely different from us. In the long run, this leads us to believe that nothing looks good on us or that we are not good at shopping, when in fact, all we need is a better understanding of our body type. That's why our team of stylists created the body shape analysis, a tool that can help you become more familiar with your body shape.

Indeed, we believe that knowing your body shape and having a good understanding of it is the best way to make great choices, create flattering outfits and feel more confident when shopping! Our customized tips will highlight your best assets and this will help you to stop focusing on your insecurities and work on the positive instead. It makes all the difference!


It’s super easy! In our questionnaire, we added a few points that help us figure out your body shape. With this info and a few pictures of you (please, don’t skip this step, it’s so helpful), our stylists can identify your body type and create your personalized guide! When it’s ready, you’ll be notified by email and your guide will be available at any time in your MFMK dashboard. You’ll even have the option of printing it and pinning it in your closet! :)


- The main characteristics of your body shape.

- Your styling goals.

- The best options to enhance your body shape. (Necklines, pants, skirts, accessories, prints, cuts, colours and more!)

- Styling tips from our stylists just for you!


Actually, it's very affordable! We offer different plans, which start at $35 and go up to $ 80.

The body shape analysis only requires 5 credits, so you’ll still have plenty left to request personalized boards or even to schedule a videoconference with your stylist!


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