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When you’re invited to a wedding, apart from respecting the instructions of the bride and groom (if they have any), the golden rule is to dress according to your role. The bride’s best friend doesn’t dress like her mom or like a plus-one! With that in mind, we wrote this little guide that should help you put things into perspective, remember essential details and obviously, find inspiration!


You are in a very good position to know what to wear on your big baby’s crucial day; you know what your child likes! Keep that in mind when you shop for his/her big day. Also, there’s a high chance you’ll get pretty nervous, so go for an outfit that makes you feel great. You’ll certainly have more important things to worry about than your look. Psst: Go for a waterproof mascara!



Congrats! You’ve been chosen to be part of the wedding bridal party! There’s a reason why you are one of the bride’s BEST FRIENDS! It probably has a lot to do with your great listening skills. Use them to choose your outfit wisely. Usually, the bride gets involved in the selection process of the bridesmaids' dresses, mostly when there are many. Make sure to know if you all need to wear the exact same dress. If you are making a suggestion, keep your focus on the bride’s tastes. Your role is the equivalent of a supporting actor. You’re allowed to shine, but be careful, the lead actresses don’t appreciate being overshadowed!



You are not part of the wedding bridal party, but you know you are a very welcomed guest? That’s great! You don’t have too many restrictions! You are free to wear whatever you want unless there is a specific dress code. Be careful, a white dress is not an option! Leave it to the bride.


THE plus-one

Ohh, you are the +1! It’s great that you came! You’re going to meet a lot of people. Maybe it’s even the first time you get to see the couple. You want to make a good impression and it’s all right! But make sure you don't go over the top. We’re not expecting a speech from you, nor a red carpet dress.



You are secretly in love with the groom and you fantasize of interrupting your rival’s famous Yes, I do moment? Or you simply ended up in the buffet because you could smell it from across the street? In short, you are the one who likes to dance on the chairs, who has a little too much fun at the open bar and whose laugh is competing with the speakers. Every great wedding has a guest like you, but be careful, once you’ve crossed the line, it’s hard to go back…!


Ready for the ceremony?

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