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The beautiful weather is just around the corner. After such a long wait, the least we can do is make the most of it! However, in the heat of the moment, we often forget to do half of what we planned. To make sure it doesn’t happen this year, we listed our favourite activities and we even put together awesome outfits so you can look stylish all summer long!


Let’s begin with a classic: going on a picnic. What we love about this activity is that it can be as simple as "eating your sandwich outside at lunch time with your colleagues," but it can also be more elaborate. Finding the most beautiful bucolic spot, cooking the day before and putting everything in a nice basket, that sounds like something we’d like to do! As for your outfit, stay away from light colours to avoid grass stains and choose a comfy cut that will allow you to sit cross-legged! We have the perfect outfit for you and we have a feeling you’ll want to wear it to every picnic this summer!



Festivals have always been popular during the summer season, but lately, the festival spirit is at an all-time high! In addition to well-known events, more and more independent festivals are emerging, whether in music, comedy or theatre. But what should you wear to attend these events this summer? The boho look is an obvious choice! By the way, if you want to know all the key pieces to nail your boho look this year, we wrote a great article about it! But as a general rule, for a festival, what you’ll absolutely want is to find a look that’s both stylish and comfy. There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting for months to see an artist you love and only being able to think about how much your feet hurt during the whole performance. With this look, be sure to fully enjoy the festivities! PS: We highly recommend that you wear closed shoes to protect your toes!



Water slides are one of our favourite activities, because it bring out the child in us! However, losing our swimsuit, getting a sunburn or burning our feet on hot asphalt isn’t part of our best memories. Next time you visit the water park, make sure you have these essentials!



Now that many people own huge televisions and that we can find most movies on the internet, going to the drive-in isn’t the most popular activity. However, leaving the comfort of your living room for a fun and nostalgic night will totally be worth it! Of course, you’ll still want to wear comfy clothes, just like when you watch a movie at home. If you’re going with kids, make it a pyjama night! But for adults, go for something as comfy, but a bit more presentable!



No need to go too far to get fresh air, do some cardio and see beautiful landscapes. Our beautiful country is full of great places to venture! This summer, don’t forget to enjoy them. Regarding your hiking look, we have plenty of stylish specialized garments for you. They’re so amazing you’ll want to wear them every day!



We love to have plenty of them in our house and in our backyard, but we can’t have them all! If, like us, you love flowers, with their incredible colours and scents, don’t forget to visit beautiful gardens this summer! Take the opportunity to wear a romantic outfit and don’t forget to take pictures in this enchanting setting!


What are your favourite summer activities?

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