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Halfway between bermuda shorts and a long skirt, gaucho pants don’t always have it easy. Because of their ambiguous identity, some people fear them and think they’re unflattering. However, if you follow a few guidelines, they can totally suit you and look amazing!


To ensure your gauchos flatter your silhouette, think lightweight!

Keep In Mind:

- To maximize the lengthening effect, choose fluid textiles and keep away from extra-wide cuts.

- Play with monochromatic colour schemes to emphasize the verticality of your silhouette.

- Wear heels that blend with the colour of your skin or that matches your pants to make your legs look longer!



To find the perfect gauchos, you must look for a pair that will sublimate your curves while optimizing your comfort!

Keep In Mind:

- Wider legs allow strong thighs to move freely and balance the silhouette while structured fabrics offer the perfect level of support. Combine both!

- You can equilibrate your silhouette just by playing with colours and prints. Wear light colours and fancy patterns on body parts you want to emphasize and opt for darker colours or vertical stripes on areas you want to camouflage or lengthen.

- Add a structured blazer to balance your silhouette.



Since you’re tall, you want to make sure that your gauchos don’t look like regular pants that are too short for your long legs. Choose a clean cut and rock your gauchos with confidence!

Keep In Mind:

- Longer gauchos will suit your long legs better.

- A cropped top will create a nice balance with longer gauchos.

- Choose a top with textures and details, like ruffles, to create movement!


If you’re still not convinced that gauchos are for you, here are three completely different styles that show how versatile they are!


Gauchos are much more versatile than they seem. Give them an urban twist with a colourful sweater and sneakers!



Gauchos are perfect for work. Wear them with a pretty blouse, a jacket and stilettos for a professional look that’s anything but boring!



With their comfy cropped wide legs, gauchos are ideal for summer. Combine them with a cute off-the-shoulder top and mules and wear this perfect outfit on repeat!


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