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The boho trend is a must during the summer season, so much so that many fashionistas are eagerly waiting for warmer weather only to put on their best bohemian outfits! However, as fashion always finds a way to reinvent itself, this style comes with interesting variants every year. This season, the boho style isn’t as romantic as usual. No more flower crowns… Be ready for a mixture of genres, with a notable grunge vibe!

Without further ado, here are the key pieces to nail your boho look this year!


Who remembers tie-dying a t-shirt with dye and rubber bands when they were kids? This summer, psychedelic prints will be very popular. Make them part of your boho outfits to create bold looks like never before and fall in love with these bright, ultra-faded colours!



With its casual vibe, the knotted t-shirt is perfect to adopt the boho look this spring. Its cropped style can seem a little risky, but with a high waist, it’s very easy to wear! Simply combine it with a long skirt or palazzo pants!



Yes, loose jeans can create beautiful boho looks, but this summer, fluid lyocell pants will be a much better option. This biodegradable fibre can look just like denim, but in a softer, thinner and more breathable version. Ideal to survive hot days with style!



Just like Esmeralda, we like to wear multiple jewels, but this year, forget about XXL ornaments. Instead, try something more delicate, like a layered necklace made from multiple lightweight chains!



If you spent a whole day wearing flip-flops, you know that this option clearly isn’t the comfiest or most stylish! Instead, go for robust grunge-inspired sandals or Vans sneakers! They’ll look amazing with a boho outfit, bringing a nice edge to it!



Want to create gorgeous boho hairstyles all summer long? You need a knotted headband! Flower crowns are cute, but they’re not the most versatile accessories… Your cute headband will be perfect for festivals but also for a regular day at the office! Style it like a traditional headband (under your hair so your hair flows over it), or slip it straight down over your head and hair, in true hippie style!


So, ready to give the new boho look a try?

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