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For us, fashion should always be about having fun! When dressing up becomes boring or annoying, it's a sign that it’s time for a change!

As stylists, we often have to deal with labels. Not the itchy ones in our clothes… We’re talking about the ones people tend to create in their head. Nothing forces you to stick to one particular style and for us, that's the beauty of fashion!

Today, we wanted to take a closer look at some beliefs that keeps us from flourishing. Being aware of it is already a huge step in the right direction!


Can we still wear bright colours, leggings or faded jeans past a certain age? But at what age exactly… It may sound cliché, but age is just a number. Of course, if with time, your back or your feet are aching more and more, you’re not going to wear high heels ... But as a general rule, if you feel like wearing an outfit, it's probably because you can! The majority of our limits are the ones we set. Small tip: If you want to wear a very trendy item, such as ripped jeans, pair it with a classic top to make it more accessible!

PS: Take a look at these women who are having a blast with their style! Their pleasure is contagious. In magazines, we start to see more and more diversity, but on Instagram, you can already follow plenty of women from all ages, backgrounds and morphologies!

@doesmybumlook40 / @wardrobe_oxygen / @alternativeageing /@greceghanem


Our body goes through many changes in life, and that's perfectly normal. In fact, we should be thankful for going through such big changes, whether it’s puberty, pregnancy, menopause or even illness. Of course, it's easier said than done, but knowing that all trends can be adapted will definitely help you deal with your new image. No, having wider hips doesn’t mean you need to wear black all the time. You can wear all the same trends as before, maybe just not the same way. If you desperately try to get into an old pair of shorts, you’ll probably end up frustrated, but by accepting to find a pair that fits your new reality, the result will certainly be much more flattering! Again, we found inspiring women who make us want to love our body just the way it is!

@alessandragl / @chloedumont / @myfacestory / @thebirdspapaya


If you often wear the same kind of clothes, it can be hard to try new styles. However, when you dare to do it, it usually feels very liberating! It’s totally okay to have a signature style, but if it limits you, that’s a bit unfortunate. You can definitely wear a suit one day and sportswear the next day. You don’t have to choose. The world is changing ... and so are you!


''I can’t wear this, it’s too sexy!'' Too sexy for…? It all depends on the occasion and how you wear it. If it makes you uncomfortable, then that’s totally fine! But if you automatically think that sexy and chic are two opposite things, then you should take a look at this article. Maybe it’ll change your mind!


''What are people going to think?''... This question often stands in the way of our creativity! People will always have something to say, whether positive or negative, and the truth is that you can’t please everyone. So as long you’re happy with the choices you make, that's all that matters. PS: The key to make your ideas accepted, even the most daring ones, is often confidence!

What prevents you from loving your style right now?

At MFMK, we’re confronted with these types of fears every day and our stylists are here to help you have fun and make you feel confident about your style while respecting your silhouette and your values. Whether you want to have a chat with your stylist, get personalized suggestions or have a better understanding of your silhouette, we have plenty of options for you!

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