The word sexy, often leads to heated debates! LEGS, SKIRT, BREASTS, CURVES, SHORT, CHOICE, TOO MUCH, NOT ENOUGH... But one thing is certain; the subject raises passions. Today, we are talking about the new sexy!

Not that being sexy is new... But does this word have the same connotation today as 40 or even 10 years ago? Certainly not! Oh, and a little important reminder: sexy does not mean vulgar and can very well rhyme with elegance and delicacy!

So here are our favourite ways to use fashion to be sexy in 2019.


Slit skirts are a great alternative to mini skirts... and frankly, we find them even more attractive. Slits are all about hinting at what lies beneath without revealing too much!



Nothing is more seductive than sheer fabrics. Mesh and other see-through clothes are perfect to wear with cute camis and other garments that you prefer not to wear as is!



It’s not the first time we tell you (and probably not the last one either)! Showing off our back is one of our favourite ways to look sexy without revealing too much. This body part is beautiful and sensual and you can flaunt it with both casual looks and chic outfits! In addition, it ages really well, just like shoulders. However, when it comes to backless garments, we always get the same question: ''What’s the best bra to wear?'' One possible answer would be to go bra free, but we understand that it’s not for everyone. That’s why you’ll find plenty of accessories and bras specially designed for low back pieces!



When you wear red, you don’t have to do much to attract attention. Even in a classic cut, red adds a hint of spice and passion to your outfits!



We really like plunging necklines, and it’s totally possible to wear them in a distinguished and beautiful way, no matter the size of your breasts. The key is a natural look; no need to make them pop out of your dress or shirt. In short, if you’re tempted to hide your neckline all evening because you feel uncomfortable, plunging necks are probably not for you. It’s all about feeling good and confident!



You think suits are boring? Oh no! At least, the ones we have for you today are quite the opposite! It’s all about choosing flattering cuts and colours. Honestly, we would wear suits like these day and night!



Finally, we don’t always need to do much to be sexy. A cute pair of jeans that beautifully highlights your curves and a simple white shirt are sometimes all you need! Of course, from time to time, we like bolder outfits, but don’t underestimate the irresistible power of a natural look worn with confidence!


Finally, here are some women we admire for the way they embrace their sexiness with elegance!

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