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It is well known, the arrival of warm weather rhymes with freedom and renewal, and it gives us the motivation to go through a much-needed spring-cleaning. Yes, it takes time, but it’s SO liberating! In fact, the most difficult thing is usually to get started. That's why we decided to share tips that will greatly simplify the cleaning of your wardrobe. With this game plan, you’ll be super efficient!


If you tend to procrastinate, take everything out of your closet all at once. That way, you’ll have to deal with it now. However, if you’re more methodical, proceed step by step. For example, start with your shoes.


Make three piles:


Some people tend to put everything on the first pile. If that’s your case, ask yourself these questions:

- Do I actually wear this item? If you haven’t worn it for a long time, you probably won’t anytime soon. If you still want to keep it, find at least 3 ways to style it. Besides, did you know that we offer the option ''an item to match''? If you need help to match specific garments, this option is for you!

- Does this clothing item suit my personality? If the answer is no, ask yourself why you should keep it.

- Is this item in good condition? If the answer is no, ask yourself if you can repair it. If so, make a To Do List so you don’t forget. If not, it’s time to get rid of it!

- Does it fit? Don’t hold on to pieces that might fit once you gain or lose weight. Focus on clothes that make you feel great now.


Another thing that can help you get rid of items you don’t wear anymore is to think of the people who need them. Many organisms will be pleased to collect your donations!

The last pile is for off-season pieces. By keeping them somewhere else, they won’t congest your daily wardrobe and it’ll make it easier for you in the morning.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully sorted out your wardrobe! Now is time to go shopping for what you really need. To help you, here’s what a well-balanced wardrobe should look like:


BASICS: 50 to 60%

Black dress, classic jeans, white shirt… Basics are the foundation of your wardrobe, so they should constitute at least half of it. Some people find them a bit boring, but these key pieces will help you create gorgeous outfits. They’re super easy to match with trendy pieces. When it comes to basics, you can splurge a little more since they’ll never go out of style! 


ESSENTIALS: 30 to 40%

Halfway between current trends and basics, essential clothing should account for 40% of your wardrobe at the most. Colourful tees, flowery skirts, a snake print belt… You’ll probably keep these clothes for a few years!



We can’t help but indulge in the trends of each season. Fun and super trendy clothes are perfect to spice up any outfit! However, they should only account for 10% of your wardrobe. After a while, you’ll feel like your ex-favourite pieces “are so last season”…


Finally, these practical tips will help you regain control of your wardrobe:

1- Flip all your hangers backward, so that the open end of each hanger faces you. Every time you wear a piece and go to put it back, make sure that the opening is facing away from you. At the end of the year, you’ll know exactly what you haven’t worn. It’s time to let go of these clothes!

2- If your closet is inadequately lit, you should really do something about it. It’ll spare you a lot of worry and help you avoid a big mess when you can’t find your favourite blouse!

3- Store your clothes according to the frequency with which you wear them. Logically, make sure you can easily access the items you wear regularly.


There you go! Do all this and we will soon call you Marie Kondo!

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