We all own at least one pair of leggings, but are they still in style in 2019? In recent years, we’ve seen leggings worn in all possible ways, and we know that some aren’t the most flattering… But for us, it is obvious that this comfy and versatile basic will always have its place in fashion. You simply need to choose them well, and know how to wear them!


Before knowing what to wear with leggings, maybe it would be important to wonder about what they are exactly... Indeed, if they’re often criticized, it’s precisely because we don’t agree on their utility. Are they footless tights? Are they super slim pants? Or maybe sportswear? A bit of each... but not quite!

Even if they look like tights, they shouldn’t be worn in the same way. Wearing leggings with a dress or a skirt doesn’t look so flattering and real tights will look better anyways. As for leggings worn as pants, it works with a long top, but otherwise, it may leave very little room for imagination. And are leggings meant for sports? Yes, but not only! In fact, leggings are not totally tights, nor really trousers, so wear them for what they are... leggings! There are plenty of ways to wear this wonderful basic, so stick to them!


To ensure your comfort, make sure your leggings contain a good percentage of stretch (at least 8%). Spandex allows leggings to return to their original shape after being stretched. PS: You can keep your leggings a lot longer if you don’t put them in the dryer. Heat and stretch don’t get along!



With their amazing designs and super comfy fabrics, athletic leggings are our favourites! They’re really popular, and not only for sports! They’re ideal to create everyday sporty chic outfits!



It’s not uncommon to see sportswear worn exactly for the opposite purpose: relaxing! If you like comfy and stylish looks, leggings are perfect for you!



For a dressy look, you'll find leggings that ALMOST look like real pants. This is why we call them treggings (trousers + leggings)!



Leggings don't exactly have the best reputation for being chic, but when styled the right way, they'll prove everyone wrong. Especially if you go for thick leggings like these!



Here’s a cute look that’s specially designed for sports activities. This outfit is ideal to enjoy the nice weather. Time to go for a run or a brisk walk!



Looking for the perfect going out outfit? Leggings, stilettos and oversized shirts are always a great match! Add a leather jacket for an irresistible look!



One of the big trends of the season is neon and as you can see, we went all-in for Christine’s look! Ideal for those who, like our stylist, love funky outfits!



Leggings are a MUST for school where you spend many hours sitting! Sooo comfy! Wear them with a XL sweater or a long and wide t-shirt for a trendy casual look.



We’ve selected our favourite leggings! You still haven’t found the perfect pair yet? You’ll definitely find what you’re looking for right here!


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