Meet your stylist: Louise


Louise has been a stylist for a couple of years now, and she's the one responsible for answering many of your personaliszed board requests. She knows that style is like self-confidence: it's not always innate, you can build it! Down-to-earth, timeless, and always chic, Louise gets her inspiration from her many travels. She is truly a woman of her time! 



1.  Name: Louise Higgins


2. Astrological sign: Aquarius


3. Favourite colour: My current favourite is marsala!


4. What does working at MFMK mean to you? For me, it’s all about helping people in their fashion choices, to help them feel better about themselves and be more confident. It makes me feel like a fairy who pops up every time someone asks the question “What should I wear?”.


5. Which style tip do you want everyone to know? That style is within everyone’s reach, and that sometimes just a small update can be a huge confidence boost.


6. Which trend are you hoping makes a comeback? Hats and three-piece-suits for men: so chic!  


7. You signature pieces? Jeans, t-shirt, a knit vest, a leather perfecto and booties: I keep things simple. 


8. Your style icon? Alexa Chung: she’s always on point.


9. Would you say your style is more Barcelona or New York? New York.


10. Flat or heels? Flats, always.


11. Real talk: do stylists wear sweatpants? They do, but only to run to the store at night, and with a large coat on top so no one ever finds out. 


12. Your worst fashion faux-pas? One time I wore these hideous woolly socks with ballet flats for an entire camping trip because it got colder than expected. It wouldn’t be so bad if all the pictures of that weekend didn’t serve as a reminder of my terrible packing skills.


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