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When it comes to online shopping, people often have very divided opinions: they love it, or they’re wary. However, when you know how it goes, it’s pretty simple and there are so many reasons to try it. Find out how and why you should switch to online shopping ASAP!


There’s no need to leave your home, look up the store’s business hours or find a parking space when you choose to shop online. All you have to do is sit down at the computer at your leisure. No inspiration? No worries! Just move on to something else and come back later. It’s as simple as that!


Say adios to never-ending line-ups, to multiple fittings and to public outings just to take a shy look in the mirror. Moreover, you can make sure right away that the new piece of clothing you’re dying for fits with what you already have! But how can you find the right size without trying on any clothing? Pretty simple! Most websites offer a size chart to help you find yours. If you don’t know your measurements, here’s the right way to take them.

Source: Simons

PS: On Simons and Tristan’s websites, you’ll find interactive tools: Fit Finder and Tristfit. You simply answer a few questions and you’ll instantly know what size to pick for each item.


Big companies usually offer free delivery when you buy over a certain amount. (PS: Look for a partner or take the opportunity to shop in advance (gifts, clothing for an upcoming event) in order to reach the amount easily). Also, pretty much every large retail store offers free returns and exchanges, and you can proceed online or go to any branch. It makes shopping easier because if you hesitate between two sizes, you can buy both and return the one that doesn’t fit, without any fees!


A beautiful dress delivered for free in no time for 15$? We hope you won’t be disappointed, but you must be really careful with these offers, even more so when they come from companies that are strictly into online sales. Too often, products are sent from Asia and go through many destinations before ending up at your door. This could mean that you will have a hard time contacting their customer service. If your order is late or there’s something wrong, you better be extremely patient. Moreover, the fabrics and the shapes sometimes have nothing to do with the picture that seduced you. However, when ordering online from stores you know, you’ll avoid these frustrating situations. If you still want to buy from websites you know almost nothing about, start by reading comments from other people who have tried them!



In store, if you need advice, you can ask someone. However, who’s going to help with your online shopping? Well… US! MFMK’s team has many stylists who’ll be thrilled to answer your questions! We can even make you a personalised inspiration board. To make a request, click HERE!

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