What do all the women who obsess us with their impeccable style have in common? These 7 essential pieces! Take a look at our suggestions to upgrade your outfits!



When it comes to high-rise jeans, we think right back to the 90s, with the famous Levi's 501 jean. Going back in time, however, we see that it was already present before. In the 80s, punk rock was all the rage and so were high-rise skinny jeans. In the 70s, Jane Birkin was absolutely gorgeous in her high-waisted flare jeans. And in the 50s, it was Marilyn Monroe who charmed everyone in mom jeans.

What does this little look back teach us? That no matter your style or body shape, there’s a pair of high-rise jeans that will look fabulous on you and that will become part of your most successful looks!



This is not the first time (and certainly not the last) that we tell you how amazing jumpsuits are! When you have no idea what to wear or if you want to stand out at a party, the jumpsuit is a real lifesaver. If it’s your first jumpsuit, choose it black so you can easily wear it with any shoes and bags and create as many styles as you want!



Hooray, finally an item you already own! Careful, not so fast... The sneakers that have been sleeping in your gym bag for months might not be exactly what we’re talking about. Think sharp and trendy sneaks that you can wear with your everyday outfits. PS: Platform sneakers are sooo popular right now!



Structured and slightly oversized ... Every fashionista owns a felt coat. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex seems to really like these coats. Isn’t Meghan gorgeous, all wrapped up in her elegant felt coats?

With its straight lines and sleek design, the felt coat is perfect for strolling around in the city. PS: Don’t forget to wear it with a sweater and a big scarf. That way, you’ll keep warm and besides, layering is super trendy!



Ankle boots allow you to go from the office to the restaurant, while remaining chic and stylish! From cropped jeans to midi skirts, almost everything looks good with booties! PS: Almond toe boots are the most flattering, so choose them rather than round toes.



Compact crossbody bags with a small chain are everywhere right now. Forget about overloaded totes and instead, go for a minimalist mini bag. Opt for elegance and simplicity with leather (vegan or real).



All fashionistas own at least one statement blouse. Thus, when they wear a suit or a plain outfit, they still manage to express their creativity. Flowers, animal prints, abstract motifs... Choose the one that best represents your personality!


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