If you've been following us for a while, Anick, our stylist, is probably not unfamiliar to you. For almost 2 years now, she has been answering your board requests, co-hosting our Facebook lives, playing models and feeding our creativity with her insatiable thirst for fashion. Today, she answers our questions so you can get to know her a little better!

Where does your passion for fashion come from? 

I’ve always been passionate about fashion. I remember being the first to wear a denim jacket in elementary school. I even added a Corey Hart badge to it. My look was amazing (haha). This anecdote sort of dates me (haha), but it shows that I’ve always loved playing with my style.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Pretty much everywhere! I shop online 24/7, so I'm aware of everything that comes out in stores. I also follow many style icons on Instagram. Finally, I love to travel and my trips are great opportunities to spot trends and brands that we don’t have here.

What does being an MFMK stylist mean to you? 

Since I’m a real shopaholic, I’m good at spotting the best styles and cuts. Between five black pair of pants, most people don’t know which one to choose. I can easily find the best pair, so I’m glad to help. I also like daring looks, and I always try to take people a step further in their exploration. It's one of my little pleasures!

What is your signature outfit? 

The famous casual chic look!

First, high rise jeans. I don’t have any low-waisted pants. Since I really like layering, I pretty much always wear a jacket. Whether it’s a blazer or a coat, it adds style and definition to my outfit. And for the finishing touch, a pair of vintage sneakers!

The most stylish TV character of all time?

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City. I like her originality and audacity. She’s effortlessly sexy. In addition, she has amazing designer clothes that I wish I could afford!


What current fashion trends do you like?

I love everything that’s athletic and vintage. Right now I’m obsessed with high-waisted nylon pants. I even have a salmon pink pair.

What has been your worst fashion faux-pas? 

I advocate pleasure and originality. Old photos often make me laugh, but I remember the fun I had wearing these trends, so I wouldn’t call them faux-pas.

What’s in your suitcase?

Always too many things, haha! When I travel to warm destinations, I love to bring hats, but I don’t want to squeeze them into my suitcase. I carry them in my hands and I always have a hard time managing them at the airport and on the plane!


Why is it important for you to express yourself through fashion?

For me, it's a way to feel good about yourself. When I wear something that I like and that fits my personality, I immediately feel better. The little moment that I devote to choosing my outfit allows me to start the day well. On the contrary, if I don’t like what I wear, I feel irritable all day long.


Finally, what’s your favourite holiday item?

Everything that sparkles! For Christmas, I like wearing sequins and high heels. It’s the opportunity to shine and go all-in!





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