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Understanding the dressing habits of a workplace is a clear advantage when starting a new job. It's a simple way to quickly show that you have a good capacity to integrate!

If you have the chance to glean information before your first day, your Sherlock Holmes talents might be rewarded. According to Professor Albert Mehrabian, a body language specialist at UCLA, 55% of the first impression is determined by appearance, 38% by voice and only 7% by words. Take a look at the website of your future workplace and search the social networks for clues that will help you get a better idea of the dress code.

Evidently, it’s hard for us to give you advice without knowing your new workplace, but we have tips and ideas for different environments!


Go for a feminine and modern suit and heels. It’s better to dress too chic than not enough. However, to add a fun twist to your look, go for a cute colourful blouse!  



Your new job doesn’t require a business attire? However, remember that it’s still a professional environment. Keep your leisurewear for the weekend and try this relaxed yet professional outfit!



You’re already thinking about your first day at work, surrounded by fashionistas who are obsessed about brands you didn’t even know existed? Don’t panic. You can’t go wrong with a timeless and elegant outfit. Add a fashionable touch with fancy accessories that will certainly not go unnoticed!


PS: If you want more personalized recommendations, remember that you can always make free board requests!

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