We often see the holiday season as an occasion to wear glamorous outfits, but Christmas is also a moment to reunite with the family. With the oven working non-stop and the children running everywhere, you may want to be elegant, but mostly comfortable! Take a look at these comfy chic outfits in which you’ll be able to fully enjoy the evening.


You like to celebrate Christmas with your close family? A long evening gown might not be appropriate, but you may still appreciate a new outfit with a festive flair. PS: You’ll be able to wear all these new pieces separately on other occasions!



You’re the lucky one who’s hosting the Christmas party? Between welcoming the visitors, the glasses to fill and the kitchen to manage, comfort will be crucial! Heels and sequins look absolutely gorgeous… but they might not be adapted to your situation. Here’s the perfect outfit to meet all your challenges! PS: When you’re in the kitchen, make sure to take off your cardigan because it’s going to get damn hot in there!



Your Christmas celebrations are now all about the children! You’d like a cute and festive outfit, but it has to allow you to be sitting crossed-legged on the floor to open the gifts and try the new toys with the kids. Your wishes are heard; here’s the perfect kit to be chic and enjoy every minute with your sweeties!



Everything was going according to plan until you started second-guessing… Too tight, too sexy, too casual? Calm down! Here’s a nice outfit that your in-laws are going to love and that will definitely please your man!


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