How to choose your winter jacket? Anyone who has ever experienced the Canadian winter knows how important this question is! However, with all the options to choose from, we don’t always know where to start. Whether you’re looking for a coat to hit the slopes, for your daily walk with the doggy or to go out at night, we’ve put up a little guide that will help you make the right choices!


If you want a coat that’s ideal for everyday life, look no further! We strongly suggest that you look for a long coat because it’s much warmer and super trendy. We also recommend hooded models. When it's cold and windy, nothing equals the warmth of a good hood!

When looking for a warm coat that will adapt to all your daily activities, it’s important to pay close attention to its type of insulation. Indeed, synthetic and natural insulation don’t have the same properties. Make sure your choice meets your needs!


Synthetic insulation has the great advantage of retaining heat even when it’s humid or even wet outside. It’s also quite easy care.


Down is super light and really easy to compress. A definite plus for travelling light! 



If you like to wear elegant outfits, whether for work or outings, you'll certainly appreciate having a chic jacket. Long woollen coats are exactly what you need!

PS: Since you want your coat to fit with your most elegant outfits, go for sober and timeless colours.



The coats that we’ve suggested in the other categories are not suitable for sports activities of medium to high intensity. Their cuts aren’t designed for sports, and their materials aren’t made handle heavy sweating. Instead, look for a technical sports jacket or a layering system. 


The base layer’s main function is to direct the moisture outwards. Without it, you’ll start to feel cold as soon as you stop moving.

The mid-layer is there to add insulation, trap body heat and continue to direct moisture away from your skin and move it towards the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate.

The outer layer acts like a shell and protects you from the elements. This layer should be breathable so it allows the moisture from your inner layers to escape. Gore-Tex is waterproof and breathable so it’s perfect!


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