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In an era dominated by the cult of performance, To-Do Lists and multitasking, it’s important to keep some time to... relax. With the children to pick up, the fridge that’s empty, the meeting that you still haven’t planned and the cousin's party that you totally forgot about, it’s tempting to postpone your ''me time'' to later ... and later! But if we told you that slowing down actually allows you to accelerate, would you believe it? Yet, that’s what many studies suggest. Today, we invite you to slow down with ideas for relaxing activities and outfits that will help you take breaks from your busy life.


You put the meal on the table every night... So you already practise a relaxing activity, right? Well, not exactly! There’s a difference between preparing dinner and being attentive to colours, smells, textures. Cooking slowly, with curiosity, is a different experience. To do so, choose a recipe that you really like and combine the winning conditions for this epicurean exercise. For example, a playlist that makes you feel good and, obviously, a super comfy and stain-resistant outfit. A sleeve in the sauce or splashes on a clear sweater can definitely ruin the moment!



Never underestimate the benefits of a walk outside. Of course, outdoor hikes are great, but a nice walk in your neighborhood can really help you slow down and recharge your batteries. Just listen to the ambient sounds, feel the wind and pay attention to what’s happening around you to forget your daily concerns. Regarding your outfit, dress properly to be neither too cold nor too hot, so you can fully enjoy the moment.



Whether you prefer to do arts and crafts with your family or on your own, the important thing is to take part in the activity. As you choose one colour over another, you’re not thinking about what might go wrong tomorrow. This small break will give you all the energy needed to work on your projects with renewed vigour! Obviously, your outfit should give free rein to your creativity. Opt for stretchable garments that you can easily machine wash.



We all need to slack off from time to time… We scroll through our Facebook newsfeed without really noticing, we fall for click-bait articles… but it doesn’t take long before the guilt shows up. Yet, slacking off is pretty essential. But to make the most of it, it’s better to plan these moments. Thus, by reserving some time to read a book that you really like or by watching a movie that you’ve been wanting for too long, you won’t wonder what happened to your precious time. Of course, to do that, you want comfort on your side. Say yes to cozy outfits and layering, because when we don’t move, we tend to feel cold. 


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