Its comeback began last year, but this fall, you just can’t miss it: corduroy is all the rage! We’re excited to make some space in our closet because we absolutely love this thick and robust fabric that keeps us warm. This amazing textile turned out to be the best fabric to design worker uniforms, and was a huge hit later in the seventies, for both men and women. As part of this craze for retro fashion, corduroy is THE material to adopt this season!


What better way to embrace the seventies than with corduroy gauchos? This retro cut combined with corduroy takes us head first a few decades back. Small warning: the gaucho cut tends to weigh down the silhouette, just like corduroy. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid them, but simply try to create a balance with the rest of the outfit. Go for a rather fitted top and if you are small; say yes to heels!



We LOVE the slightly flared corduroy skirt. Its trendy retro look is simply irresistible! How to wear this cute and practical piece? Go for a chunky knit sweater. Simply add black tights and ankle boots!



Shirts are super practical pieces that you can easily change according to current trends. With corduroy, you can’t go wrong. Wear it with a pair of jeans and sneakers for a fun and casual look!



You can wear cute apron dresses on pretty much any occasion. Use your favourite top to create as many styles as you like. During fall, we like to stay warm by wearing a cozy knit under our dress!




The corduroy blazer comes to your rescue to rev up your outfits with its soft and warm texture. Simply wear it with black pants and a white shirt to highlight this classic duo!



Fitted pants look good with everything and fit perfectly in boots and booties. We like to wear them with a blouse and a sweater on top. Layering and corduroy are the ideal comfy combo for fall!


To finish, here’s how to take good care of your corduroy clothes:

- You can machine wash them, BUT wash them inside out and use cold water.

- Avoid the dryer. Lay flat to dry or use a padded hanger. 

- Do not iron corduroy. To make your clothes look great, hang them over a bathtub filled with hot water for about thirty minutes. When done, simply brush the fibres backwards with a clothes brush.

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