New interview featuring Ely Lemieux! The young entrepreneur is very present on social media and the content she shares is truly refreshing! No perfect decor, no bikini body at all cost; in short, she’s not trying to live the ''perfect life''. Ely charms us with her authenticity!


You started your career as a makeup artist. Now that you've launched your social media and public relations agency, what role does makeup play in your life?

I love makeup and it will always be a passion. Sephora and I have a pretty intimate relationship! I love trying new skin care and being aware of everything that's going on in the industry. However, I don’t wear makeup anymore. I had a bit of an overdose, especially because when you begin as a makeup artist, you accept pretty much anything in exchange of visibility... All that to say that I loved being a makeup artist, but I'm glad I started something else!

What made you want to become your own boss and work in the world of social media?

I was working in marketing for a cosmetics company, and at some point I wanted to do more. I felt that as an employee, my decision-making power was quite limited. That's why I decided to be my own boss and that’s how Agency Ely Lemieux was born. (And also because I had been kicked out of my dream job in Montreal after only two weeks, but that's another story! Haha!)

It's been two years since you launched your business. What have been your biggest surprises since the beginning of this adventure?

I MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY MY RENT! Seriously, I was happy to see all the nice things people had to say about me that helped me build my clientele. It's always super flattering, but also amazing to see how entrepreneurs support each other.

You’re very open about your personal life and you’re not afraid to express your opinions. Where does this thirst for authenticity come from?

I always felt the need to express myself. I think my mother made me an open-minded and artistic person. Until I was fifteen, I followed the flock. Then, I realized that it wasn’t for me. From that moment, I knew what I liked, who I was, and since then, it has never changed.

You position yourself against the "perfect body" obsession and encourage women to accept themselves as they are. Would you have needed a model like you when you were younger?

Having that kind of model when I was younger would have facilitated many things and would have saved me a lot of time! I wish I hadn’t spent so much time criticizing myself in front of my mirror.  At some point, I realized that little Roxy bikinis weren’t my thing, and I just started enjoying my one-piece swimsuit even though I was different from my friends.  It’s crazy to realize all that we’re missing when we spend too much time worrying about our thighs, our little belly or any other part of our body that we’re self-conscious about.

What would you like to say to girls who want to get rid of their eternal complexes?

They should use my trick: get up in the morning and dance naked in front of the mirror, listening to Shape of you by Ed Sheeran. It’s a great way to get used to your body and to learn to love it. And you’ll definitely have a blast!

Autumn is coming. Are you as excited as we are about fall fashion?

I LOVE autumn! It's definitely my favourite season of all. If we could have 9 months of autumn and 3 months of summer, I would be really happy! Fall is definitely the season where I feel the most stylish. I love to wear statement pieces! My essentials? Cozy chunky knits, oversized denim jackets and biker boots. In fact, in the fall, I love to add a grunge touch to my look!

What would you like to see more on social networks?

Girls who support each other, girl power… Call it whatever you want! With all the girls who project an image of perfection, it's so hard not to feel inferior or different. In addition to girls who devalue themselves by consuming these images, I find it terrible to see other girls who write mean comments. Girls should encourage each other to become stronger!

Want to hear more about Ely Lemieux? Follow her on Instagram and Youtube. You can also take a look at these items inspired by Ely's vibrant and fun style!


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